1. Ever since I saw how the OOF mod was doing, I wanted to steal the code take inspiration.
    I wanted to be able to set the sound it would play, and make it work in the pit.
    That is what this mod does.

    I know what it does, but where's the download?!?!?
    Please click the option that best suits you:

    Great! Launch your Minecraft and connect to Hypixel.
    All you need to do is download the ChatTriggers mod. Here's a link to that: https://www.chattriggers.com/#download.
    Just download the top one and put that puppy into your mods folder just like any other mod.
    Then launch your Minecraft and get on Hypixel.

    Okay, you should now have chattriggers up and running and be connected to Hypixel. Make sure you have chattriggers working by running the command /chattriggers.
    Then, if that works fine, do "/ct import KillSound". You'll also have to do "/ct reload". The default sound is a NOOT NOOT sound.

    I want to change the sound!
    Fear not, as I have a comprehensive guide for you.
    Step 1:
    Get a .mp3 of the sound you'd like to use. For this tutorial I will use the roblox death sound kindly provided by SathButtons on AudioGrab. Here's a link: https://audiograb.com/opNTQCf4R.
    Step 2:
    Go to https://cloudconvert.com/mp3-to-ogg and convert your mp3 into a .ogg file.
    Step 3:
    Get back in game and do "/ct files". A file window will pop up. Click on the folder called "Modules", then on "KillSound". Then click "assets". You'll see that there already is a .ogg file in there, which you need to delete. After deleting KillSound.ogg, put your custom .ogg file in there.
    Step 4:
    Rename your custom .ogg to "KillSound.ogg". The capitalization matters. Do not forget about it.

    And that is it! Thanks to everyone who decides to give this thing a tryout.
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  2. reserved
  3. "Original" xd
  4. I mean I fully coded it but I got the idea from refraction
  5. Yea, (was trying to joke because of the steal the code thingy)
  6. Harshm04

    Harshm04 Well-Known Member

    Doesn't work(Crashes MC dude)
  7. Does this work for all server?
  8. Does this work for bedwars or just skywars like the oof mod?
  9. GucciSheep

    GucciSheep New Member

    Works great
  10. This should work in bedwars for final kills but I'm not completely sure.
  11. You need the absolute newest version
    Just hypuxel, sorry.

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