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  1. Title of Minigame (Optional): Crystal Raiders
    Overview of the Game:
    This game is a team parkour in the sky where a red and blue team get a small base. Each game has 10 people, 5 on each team, though there can be a 1v1 mode. The goal is to destroy the other team's crystal. The amount of HP each crystal has is displayed on a scoreboard.

    Each base has a small island with a base made out of several materials, the outside of the island being surrounded with barriers. First it starts off made of dirt and the crystal is weak. It will have 100hp. Next to the grass island there will be a short parkour. Every time someone completes it they get a "gem" (emerald). You also get a gold ingot used to access the shop. Each time you fail the parkour you respawn back at your base. There is no penalty for dying


    mmmmmmmmm.png <-- This would be the base as it first starts. The pressure plate would teleport you to a parkour as your team, and the opposite team is doing it. You can enable & disable seeing other players of your team, because it will be tedious and annoying to have your view blocked by other players. The 1st gold pressure plate is to go back, and the other is to claim your gem.
    sssssss.png <-- This would be the parkour itself, with another one parallel to it 6 blocks away. This other parkour is the other team's.

    Possible map ideas for your Minigame:

    All maps will have the basic island and the parkour for both theme but they can come in different themes such as: Desert, Snow, Nether, End et.c

    Specific items/abilities:

    After you open the shop you can, Upgrade the base, Attack the other base, Healing the base, & Increase how much your team damages the base for and a snowball item to knock the other team off of parkour. All of these items cost gems (how many specified below)

    The base can be upgrading from Dirt to Cobblestone which increases the max hp to 150 costing 2 gems, then Cobblestone to Iron which increases it to 200hp costing 4 gems, then Iron to Gold which increases it to 250 costing 6 gems, then Gold to Diamond which increases it to 300 costing 8 gems, then Diamond to Emerald which increases it to 400, costing 10 gems. Finally there is Obsidian which increases it to 500 which costs 15 gems. Each time somebody upgrades the base it says their name and what the base has been upgraded to. It also says how much HP the base currently has. To attack the other base for 10hp you use 1gem at the shop. After you attack it the base has 10 less HP and it says how much HP the other base currently has in chat.

    To heal the base you need to use 1 gem for every 10 health. You can also increase the damage your team does to the other base to 15. This costs 4 gems and can only be done once.
    Each snowball will cost 1 gem.

    Possible Achievements for this minigame:

    This game may have tier achievements and one time as well.
    Raider I: Win 1 games of Crystal Raiders
    Raider II: Win 10 games of Crystal Raiders
    Raider III: Win 50 games of Crystal Raiders
    Raider IV: Win 100 games of Crystal Raiders
    Raider V: Win 500 games of Crystal Raiders

    Gem Hoarder I: Gather 10 gems
    Gem Hoarder II: Gather 50 gems
    Gem Hoarder III: Gather 100 gems
    Gem Hoarder IV: Gather 500 gems
    Gem Hoarder V: Gather 1,000 gems

    Crystal Recruit: Play one game of Crystal Raiders
    Super Base: Have your base upgraded to Obsidian
    The Ultimate Troll: Kill 10 players using snowballs in one game
    Dirt Lover: Win a game with a dirt base
    Medic: Heal the base for over 100hp in one game

    I hope you all enjoy this gamemode, feel free to give me extra ideas, suggestions and questions!
    First Edit: April 19th
    2nd Edit: April 20th
    Last edited: May 14, 2016
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  4. :)
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  5. SaltyBlitzPlayer

    SaltyBlitzPlayer Well-Known Member

    A little too similar to other servers' Egg Wars, but the idea is great! Would love to see this added.
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  6. I've never heard of egg wars before
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  7. seems like a great idea! hope to see it implemented maybe but they may relate it as stated above to eggwars so im not sure. Jeez you wrote alot thanks for the effort!
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  8. Juice Box

    Juice Box Well-Known Member

    Interesting Idea :D
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  9. Anonymous_User

    Anonymous_User Well-Known Member

    Fascinating idea!

    However, you never explicitly say how to attack the other base, or if there's a penalty for death.
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  10. ok I specified it more
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  11. SaltyBlitzPlayer

    SaltyBlitzPlayer Well-Known Member

    Also, maybe the team could have, say, 1-2 minutes in pregame to prepare a parkour? After this the game would test if they were possible (using plugins) and if not move a couple blocks accordingly.
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  12. SwishySlime

    SwishySlime Member

    Wait i never saw how you damdge there crystal...... other then that I love it
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  13. Well, what would stop a team from making a parkour that's too easy?
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  14. It certainly has potential.

    I like it! Good work!
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  15. SaltyBlitzPlayer

    SaltyBlitzPlayer Well-Known Member

    wait i read the post wrong xD

    heh. disregard my idea.
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  16. bump
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  17. Tolu_

    Tolu_ Well-Known Member

    Ooh I like... so like capture the flag?
  18. ByeByeObama

    ByeByeObama Well-Known Member

    It's on another server, let's not talk about it.
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  19. So, because another server did the concept first means we can't use it but add a Hypixel-ian twist on it?
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