1. Its a goddamn budget wise armor, they gotta buff my boi its dope af

    Buff Crystal Armor
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  2. uwulord420

    uwulord420 Well-Known Member

    why should they buff it when its easier to get than wise
    wise should be better than it bruh
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  3. I mean it's fine how it is rn
  4. It’s weak as hell

    if it was so good then I should be able to see at least one person using it.
  5. It's a secondary set. You wear it, get the mana, then swap back to your main armor
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  6. so if I’m gona farm zealots I switch it to my main then switch and then switch it back? Other then zealot farming it has no purpose unless you need mana fighting slayer bosses

    edit: it is pretty easy to acquire they should at least incorporate it into a future armor recipie
  7. Wahoo Mc

    Wahoo Mc Well-Known Member

    Definitely hope to see it incorporated to a sort of glass cannon mana set since it kinda fits that role atm if you were to use it without secondary purpose

    as of now though it’s like a great battery pack to charge up mana before a fight and paired with wise dragon you become an absolute mana spammer
  8. The only buff it needs is being able to fully charge bows while wearing it. That's the most annoying bug.
  9. YeS! I'm BrOkE So HyPiXeL ShoUlD MaKE CRYSTAL ARMOR OP because I HAVE IT so i can sell it for MILLIONS even thought i bought it for only 300k
  10. I'd say wise is better. Because of the full set bonus.
  11. or just get wise armor

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