1. Hi everyone! In my other hype thread about my pack i got so much love and support! i said i would finish it in around a week, but with all the support i was getting i kinda made alot and got everything done in around a week :p so here, after some time of waiting, Is My Zombies ResourcePack! Unlike most that are just stolen textures from the internet, These were all created by me, (with codepixel making some perk icons for me <3)

    Heres every perk and weapon!

    Heres what zombie pigmen and angry wolfs look like!

    Ill be updating this pack in versions, leading up to the release of zombies like if they add new guns ill update this for the new guns!
    Even the most bad computers can run this! only 500kb with the smallest models that have amazing looks!

    @CodePixel Helped with The speed and weapon perk. hes amazing at this
    @ToastyBread betatested

    I Hope you all enjoy this! and please tell me of any bugs i need to fix!

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  2. UpdateLog:
    Added 1.9,1.10,1.11,1,12 Support for the pack!
    Sorry! I missed The shotgun and the blowdart :( Its fixed now!
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  3. SirYe

    SirYe Active Member

    LOL bruh... did we search up the same water gun image from google XD?
    I did the same watergun!
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  4. Keons

    Keons Well-Known Member

    Plup Club PLUP
    hey I helped with the pack
    a bit
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  5. whitehorns_

    whitehorns_ Well-Known Member

    pretty impressive my frieind +1
  6. duels has a problem to join a game
  7. youareamazing

    youareamazing Well-Known Member

    Nice texture pack man!
  8. Kbz


    Kbz Well-Known Member

    The Bloodlust BLOOD
    Very cool resource pack :D!
  9. SirYe

    SirYe Active Member

    Hey Cryptic, loving the pack here.

    You're a good guy so I'm going to give it to ya real! I'm gonna leave some constructive criticism here:

    1. I love the perks, they look amazing! Every one of them is clear and concise and they all have a uniform design.

    2. Zombies look great, the wolf changes are very good.

    3. I think the weapons range a lot, I'm going to break down each and every survivor weapon:
    - Knife: Looks pretty cool, there are just a few things throwing me off. The blocks used to make the blade are ThiCC. I think you should thin them out to give the sharpness feel to it.
    Another thing about it, the very monotone hyper-light grey doesn't give it a sense of sharpness as well. I highly suggest shading here.

    - Pistol: Looks enormous from outside view. It's simple but has a clear shape. However I think it could be a bit more detailed on the west/east sides of the barrel. I'm also not a fan of the black block representing the hole in the barrel in the north side of it - I think that would better be represented by texture. Overall very nice!

    - shotgun: It looks good! The third person view seems a tad strange. From the outside, it looks very big.

    - Rifle/Sniper: So here is where it gets strange. The rifle/sniper is clearly the most detailed and perfect gun. I can't find any real downside to them both. The only issue is that your other weapons are monotone in color or perhaps simpler in appearance. This makes the rifle/sniper stick out quite a bit in comparison to the rest of the pack.

    - Rocket Launcher: Very interesting design that I do like, it does have some clipping issues with the head that are rather minor. The glass around the lava could be improved a tad to be more cohesive but overall very nice!

    -Blow dart: Looks good, the only thing I would rethink is maybe the size and positioning of the feathers. From an outside view, it also seems strangely large.

    - Water Gun: EYYY WE USED THE SAME ONE! I mean I can't really complain much here, it looks very good. Only thing is it looks strangely flat compared to your other guns.

    - Flame thrower: I liked the preview of it you gave us and the shape overall is very nice. I have just one minor gripe - it has a lot of pure black blocks. The problem with pure black is that outlines within the detailing is covered up. You can only tell the overall shape of it on the edges. I recommend a dark grey perhaps? It also seems a bit flat compared to other guns, similar problem to water gun.

    - Elder Gun: I LOVE the concept for this. It's just so amazing to think of it as a crossbow. I only have a minor gripe - the guardian skins are high res compared to the rest of it, making a strange contrast.

    Overall gripes:
    The guns aren't placed in very uniform positions for the GUI. It's a small issue but noticeable.

    Some guns seem very large.

    I love the pack! it has a few things needing improvement but there's nothing glaring and there's no problem you can't handle. Keep up the amazing work Cryptic, I will look forward to your future updates on this :)

    p.s. I hope you'll take a look and criticize my pack when it comes out :D!
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  10. For most of the guns i put them in a "wierd" angle because shooting at the ground dosnt work!
    General issue ill fix in the next updoot

    same as up-top
  11. xSunlight

    xSunlight Well-Known Member

    you little legend you
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  12. heccin fricin bump
  13. SirYe

    SirYe Active Member

    100% original work for the win woot woot!
  14. yes
  15. DerpyKraken

    DerpyKraken New Member

    The display of the gun is bugged out, i cant see anything holding the pistol, it took half of my screen
  16. MenacingSooubway

    MenacingSooubway Well-Known Member

    You put the Deagle on Flaming/Frozen Bullets and called me lazy for not making my own 128 x 128 gun textures.

    HyPocRItE1!!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1! baNnD!1!1!1!!11!!1!!

    Btw I'm releasing my pack quite soon.
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  17. can you provide a screenshot so i can get a better image of this?
  18. nO ItS AN EDIT oF thE dEAGle!!!1
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  19. MenacingSooubway

    MenacingSooubway Well-Known Member

    But it's still the Deagle.
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    1. that dartgun gui view though lol
    2. Make the rifle barrel a bit longer
    This is quite gucci!!!!!!!!!!! ggwp

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