1. Tell me your favorite animes?
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  2. JoJo Bizarre Adventures. You gotta watch every part, it's a must
  3. Hm this is a very hard question, due to I enjoy alot of anime.

    I guess I'll have to say "sao, no game no life, black clover, , death note, food wars, ect".

    I mainly like medieval/op character/magic animes
  4. I’ve watched most of No Game No Life... I’m sad that it’s so short!
  5. I agree, No Game No Life is one of my personal favorites.

    Also some animes I really enjoyed:
    The Rising of The Shield Hero (as seen by my pfp), Black Clover, No Game No Life, Noragami and Overlord.

    I really enjoyed all these animes :p
  6. Ah rising of the shield hero is one i forgot to mention. That one is really good!!

    Also yeah I'm hoping for a second season to "no game no life" eventually
  7. Dude on Wednesday I was literally waiting for a new episode of Shield Hero then to my horror I found out it ended.
    I don't know if I liked the ending to Season 1 though.

    Hoping for another season! Also, No Game No Life got a movie a few months ago (but uhh... it's pretty creepy)
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  8. Aw Yeah I heard "the shield hero" ended its season, sad times.

    But also I'm currently on vacation, I've veen on vacation for like 2weeks, 1 week left. So once I'm back i got alot of anime to enjoy!

    Also I think I seen the movie for "no game no life" I'm not sure. Was it the one that had a robot girl, he ended up being with her? I think it was sad I forgot, I'll have to rewatch it
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  9. yeah it was... it was very disturbing for me to watch xd
  10. Yeah I think it was a bit disturbing xD
  11. yep ;-;
  12. Re Zero
  13. There are only two anime’s which we can be sure of.

    Naruto, and literally every anime with cute anime girls ever
  14. ahhh i was watching Re:Zero then I took a break from Anime and then I forgot what episode I was up to and never bothered to check.

    So that's my Re:Zero experience.
  15. Fumiko

    Fumiko Well-Known Member

    milk tea BOBA
    Yikes, am a manga reader so everything you guys basically say I either completed or am reading still because it’s on going, the last thing I really watched was monogatari because I wanted to see how it felt up to the LN
  16. can't get manga cause' im poor ayeee
  17. Isn't manga books ?
  18. Oml this is the same with me. I'm on Episode 4 tho. I need to continue watching it.
  19. I was on a higher episode so that's why I forgot.

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