1. I've done an introduction for the actual network previously, however I've not made one for the creative server.
    Seeing Irish making a thread, I thought "hey, lets continue the non-existent trend!'

    Anyways, I'm aware not many of you enjoy large walls of text, so I'll be writing the majority of this in point form.

    Some things about me (In terms of building):

    -I've been building for three years or so.

    -I only started to get better around early 2015. (;-;)

    -I've been in two well respected teams in the past (Octovon and goCreative).

    -I've been novice for a year now.

    -Structure is my specialty.

    -Aside from creative, I usually play Quake or Warlords.

    -I'm currently a trial builder on Mystic Absents.

    I guess that's it.
    Thanks for reading.
    See you all on creative.
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  2. :) Well I won't say welcome to the creative server seeing as you've been here a while, but hi :p

    Hope to see you around soon
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  3. Vancient

    Vancient Active Member

    Shift plz
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  4. No u pls

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