1. (title continued) we count by 1 every time someone makes a forum game that's actually original
  2. Guess we'll stay at zero
  3. necro champions except the goal isn't to keep the thread inactive for the longest amount of time
  4. 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999998999999999999999991948218947127894612984761278941294567235461235681235468236478123647891236478912634789126378946278942361789462317895467123895612378956123789561278935678912567123567126578912356798123657912369 guys i'm almost done one more so we don't have a 69 at the end
  5. where the hell do you see new forum games that are original?
  6. ok I can't find a new original forum game anywhere, so unless someone can help me find one that was made after the creation of this thread I'll just assume these 2 idiots are postfarming
  7. hA resEt
    jk <3 <--- there is the number
  8. unfortunately I didn't have enough space to put it in the title but the continuation of it is in the original post, and as far as I know there hasn't even been a single original game idea yet since the posting of it
  9. its literally here, my concept:

    counting in this game even if there are no new original games, so this is also a game :sunglasses: <3
  10. damn ok
  11. suIit

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