1. I think that could be solved by reimbursing players in the game(s) that had a cheater in it. (Not too much, but just enough so you don't waste a game or time played.)
    Idk about your group, but I know some members of our guild used F5.

    I can imagine that can make a world of difference since the vision you obtain doesn't come with risk.
  2. possibly dont chose gamemodes that are so highly reliant on ping? Also note that players in different timezones are disadvantaged ...
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  3. Why would they do it again if they already did it? Plus there's still so many minigames on the server to use for a Tournament
  4. M4rkus

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    ArtOfWar ART0W
    Nice, it was a fun tournament! Looking forward to the next one!

    Happy with my #1,630 position
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  5. Newbot121

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    Then y didn't u keep it the way the bedwars tournament was?
  6. @SammyGreen When this is what you say in forums but say something totally different in Bedwars Lobby 1 when I asked if you are joining the Tourney. ~~~> FLASH BACK

    ExplodingSheep: Sammy are you joining the tourney?
    SammyGreen: What tourney? There's one?
    Random Pepes: Yes, bruh. CvC, CvC
    SammyGreen: what's CvC?
    ExplodingSheep: Cops vs Crims
    SammyGreen: Of all the games they have, they choose Cops and Crims...

    IDk but to me it doesn't sound like ur msg here.
  7. Can we release a leaderboard of kills. I got 612 kills but still came 234 because of my team
  8. I agree with this as I have also seen my team leave. It will spoil the gaming experience! Hope next one will do better!
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  9. I agree with “Dodging players you can’t win against,” on the thought of “i want to dodge them because their team is super good.” Basically if you remove dodging you will find yourself being stuck in games with people who you know are cheating, and then you now have to lose to them. No fun. It’s kind of a pickle, with cheaters and legit good players.
  10. Congrats to all winners!
  11. Bruh I play ranked with them. Its called skill
  12. Please have more Tournament !
  13. Duels tournament pls
  14. This was so much fun! Now it is time for a quakecraft teams tournament! @Rufflez
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  15. 1. It's 47 now lol
    2. Pretty sure the communities for every non-PVP game is disliking, not just cops and crims community
    3. I hate cops and crims, but the reason I disliked your post is that not every tourney has to be PVP. Games like these are fine, just not cops and crims cause of its strange aiming mechanic.
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  16. party games next thanks
  17. ALAND

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    TKR next please, no possible way to hack in that game lmao.
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  18. I literally didnt participate at all due to SkyBlock oof
  19. Jacux

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  20. Congrats to everyone! Well played

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