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    The Bloodlust BLOOD
    quake next.
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  2. #2,752

    great tourney
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  3. make a poll or something not something random i guess
  4. Heck yea boy
  6. no way the players past 4k are legit because they would have to win every game in a little under 2 minute 40 seconds, plus the fact they're even higher than 4k, it shows blatant boosting
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  7. can we please do grinch simulator for the next tourney
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  8. 9p0


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    Zavikon ZAVIK
    I personally like PVP based modes but can we stay away from resource packs in the future :)
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    Allied ALLIED
    Thanks for solving the issue with the pingtag mod that was a real pain in the arse in grandmaster's division lmao
  10. gabgabgabgab

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  11. When the combined time for the bedwars 4v4v4v4 is 19 yrs while Cops and Crimes is 6 yrs. A little obvious that CvC is not as popular as Bedwars so we should go back to bedwars. Definitely can get like 22 yrs.
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  12. Yes, let us all ignore the fact that BedWars had 20 hour limit while CvC had 8...
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  13. And bedwars will still have 7.6 yrs
  14. And considering how much more popular BedWars is over CvC, that is very weak.
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  15. gg everyone. good time's had by all.

    hope to see a tkr tournament sometime
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  16. that's me
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  17. I'm happy to see you guys taking a stand against those players.

    Overall, I really enjoyed the competitive atmosphere of Cops and Crims. (At least in the games that weren't abused.)

    Just paying attention to sound/vision of where players are was intense. (And no, I didn't use 'Toggle Perspective'. I like the game where it takes risk to obtain vision.)
  18. This guy is a nerd
  19. I must say, the "Some things we'd like to mention" section of this thread was spot on and it's great to see that you guys are realising these things in order to improve future tournaments. Love your work!

    Ps. Please don't make the next tournament a game that is unplayable for people with higher ping, this one was extremely frustrating for Australian/New Zealander players.
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  20. Congratulations! :)

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