1. Bakura1

    Bakura1 Well-Known Member

    ArtOfWar ART0W
    This was a fun tourney.
    I wonder how the survey will influence the next one.
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  2. pictel

    pictel Well-Known Member

    eminence DRIP
    I gave up today because I was 4 hours in and had like 400 points lol. BUT, PLEASE DISALLOW PARTIES TO JOIN! Okay A LOT of you will hate me for this, but it is a huge advantage to be in a party with multiple people that are good. It's just unfair to allow people to join in OP parties.
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  3. they already did bw so...
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  4. pls no
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  5. That was a fun tournament! Much better than that cursed skywars one. Good job.
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  6. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
  7. What a crazy tournament, so glad I was able to play in this and secure a top spot with my team!
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  8. Eva


    Eva Well-Known Member

    oops BIGNUTS
    Congrats to those who placed well, especially to those who didn't queue lots of their time with people who got wiped/banned later on.

    Wipe Feedback/Ideas:
    1. Wiping should include all tributes, coins, and achievement points earned during the tournament.
    2. Players who spend more than 50% of their total time with 1+ person who gets wiped/banned should be wiped.
    3. Players who spend more than 10% of their total time with 3+ people who get wiped/banned should be wiped.
    4. Wiping extends not only to this tournament, but all other previous tournament placements/other non-competitive ranking placements(ie ranked sw)- like bans do currently.
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  9. Please stick to PVP, cvc isnt a good one to do with bullets not even hitting people point blank and the lag.

    Overall didnt enjoy it after 2 hours playtime
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  10. Get good?
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  11. Umm I think you should have a closer look at some of those dislikes. You have an unpopular opinion which is not illegal but don't try to turn ur backlash into an insult against a community
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  12. Imagine being a bedwars main
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  13. I do have a tendency to do that, but you can ask anyone who got podium about #19 and they’ll back me up
  14. Guess you were unlucky. Dw I feel for you but there wasn't really a better way to mass wipe the ppl who didn't deserve to be on lb
  15. _Byr

    _Byr New Member

    Yeah I suppose I was. I’ve made a separate thread on the matter with the hope it may be sorted out. I do feel like they should’ve been more careful in the way they did this though as I did not deserve to be wiped at all and have actually had a large amount of my time wasted because of this.
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  16. bradthelad2011

    bradthelad2011 Well-Known Member

    449x the average player count of cvc gg
    More than 2, there’s at least 4 in the top 15 who were using ping tag
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2019
  17. Instead of limiting games, make it so there’s less reason to leave.

    When people leave:
    - take away 4x the points they’d normally get taken off for a loss, even if the team they were on won
    - make it so they can’t join another game till the game they were in finishes

    Good to see cheaters being taken off, but in the future, there should be a list of mods that aren’t allowed in the tourney. For example, if there’s another CVC tourney, make an announcement in the thread that mods like pingtag aren’t allowed so people are fully aware ahead of time.

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  18. Ping tag players are gone. Most of top 20 are legit high tier comp players
  19. I'm glad action is being taken against people using esp mods. I am preparing a mass report anyway of about 15 people I caught blatantly using some sort of esp or something like that, and that's just of the people that were blatant.
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  20. bradthelad2011

    bradthelad2011 Well-Known Member

    you’d be surprised

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