1. Gratz to top 100!
  2. Bull3

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    Hey uhm, i have been banned for actually no reason a watch dog banned me because i had a diffrent mode to run and jump. First of all i don't even have that second i have been banned in 2 years for no actually reason my in-game name is ItzJulle i was banned with the name Julie7560 and i have appealed but what i said in it was that i teamed witch i did and im sry but getting permanently banned for no reason cmon ): If you see this plz give me another chance. I didn't do anything..

  3. I cant dislike :(... i will do that as soon as it gets unlocked for me, i promise
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  4. If that's the case is there a way for users of the newest version of the mod to see ping again?
  5. Grats winners. It was tough!
  6. Quite a few are actually. They use callouts and play both sides with strict plans for each round lol.
  7. Nah. He is a cvc main who has competitive experience in the game. He is also kinda blessed with his 19 ping.
  8. RIP Unbeatable

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