1. My account got hacked through the use of optifine. That's the last thing I did. And the next thing you know my account isn't being accepted into either minecraft or mojang.com. Good thing I use seperate passwords for everything, including my actual email and my mojang email. Otherwise it looks like that would have been gone too. It's stupid how optifine makes you enter your actual minecraft credentials and doesn't attempt to be more secure. But how can you complain? Have you seen the optifine website? It's like a 90s website.
  2. Yeah, I don't get why people enter their account details into that website.
    Oh wait, it's to pay 10 €/$ 11 for a useless cape barely anyone pays attention to, which only OptiFine users can see.
    OptiFine isn't even associated with Mojang.
    So technically they could mess around with some people's account, or maybe even be selling it to some alt shop if they think it could be worth it.
    And if they have a ToS, they even could reserve themselves the right to give third-party companies access to the accounts/ login credentials, or that even OptiFine itself has the right to access and use the registered account, and they (the account owners) wouldn't even be aware of that, because nobody reads the ToS.
  3. I agree. I want my $10 back.
  4. Did you scan it for viruses?
  5. I do have an active antivirus, and it blocks any malicious websites. Pretty sure optifine.net barely passes that.
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  6. Are you banned?
  7. Virus must have pulled a sneaky on it. I'm not going to be downloading as much optifine things now.
  8. Optifine is just getting dangerous, many peaples acc get hacked and its just useless
  9. Why would Hypixel ban me for optifine hacking me?
  10. either someone whwo works on Optifine is trying to scam and make easy money.
    or some random person got access to thelogs
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  13. Can't you login, still?
    If so, you can also try restoring it.
    I'm sure that could be an option too.

    Well they can see an account's IP address it connects with.
    If the IP itself was blacklisted before, every account connecting over it will get compromised.
  14. Damn what a cool story
  15. Oh ok
  16. Thnx. Anything you’d like to add?
  17. That u need to sub to pewdiepie
  18. Actually, they can.....

    Read the whole article
  19. Not yet, I’m gonna be the 100,000,000th subscriber
  20. Cool story bro.
    Welp, glad I don't have the patience to download Java

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