1. I was trying to extract inventory data from the Hypixel Skyblock API. I got a base 64 string, decoded it, un-gzipped it, and was left with a new string. It had many readable characters but most of the important ones were invalid (e.g. the values for all the properties). How can I decode this NBT data into a form that’s actually readable by the PHP script (preferably JSON, or a JSON string)
  2. First search result for "PHP NBT Parser":
    Don't know if it works or if it does what you want (4 years old), but check that out first. Otherwise you can check other search results for that or similar phrases.
  3. This is the thing that's worked best so far (after spending hours trying to figure out how to install composer) so thank you for finding it, but it's returning "private" nodes with no data. Any idea why they are private?
    That's what I get when I `print_r` the full tree
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  5. I’ll give it a shot, thanks for the help!

    Edit: Worked a treat, tysm
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