1. first: I KNOW that it is because the forums community is tired of nons compaining. BUTT: yes ik it should be 1 t dont bully me
    1. It encourages scammers. If scammers see that the community dislikes people who get scammed there are more scammers and more "I got scammed" posts

    2. It affects the scammee (is that a word? it is now lol) in an extremely negative way. It is basically cyberbullying, but less extreme (stop the hate comments as well). Someone just used up 7 months of their life playing a game, then some toxic idiot scammer wipes a crap ton of that progress.

    3. It makes the forums community look more toxic than it already is. This place is already more toxic than fricking Chernobyl.
    Just rate a "funny" because:
    1. It is much less extreme

    2. It is a positive rating

    3. It is actually funny how gullible people are

    4. Doesn't use up your 9 neutral rating limit. Save those for the big bois.
    I do realize these are out of order, but idc:

    edit 4: Disliking a post does absolutely nothing to stop them from being posted. people who were scammed will always try to seek help or justice. The least you can do is STOP BUMPING/REPLYING TO THE THREADS so less people have to see it and the posts will simply fall out of the first few pages of "sort by last thread response".

    edit 2: If the scammee is being a forehead and demanding (not kindly asking, but rudely demanding) for free things, just drop a thumbs down. They probably deserve it.

    edit 3: some examples of posts that should not have been disliked so much:

    edit: bolded stuff and campitalization

    edit 5: also sorry for stealing your post @WasMimical , but your argument protecting the scammer was kinda weird
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  2. Shnilx

    Shnilx Active Member

    I'm awfully sorry for saying this, as I agree with some of your statements, but I, as many others, do not want to spend our time on the forum to scroll through the endless pages of "scam/pity" posts, as honestly;

    They are not content.
    They are not interesting.
    They are poorly made and highly annoying.

    Those who have been subject to scam will not find the help they need on the forum, they may instead report it to staff. Staff may not do much, or inform them about what happens next, but honestly, what can the forum do?

    Posts that are well-written and informs the reader about how not to get scammed is completely fine, posts that beg for attention, resources, staff, or whatever, is not constructive or appropiate for a healthy forum.
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  3. i am sure that a majority of scammees do not "beg for attention". i agree with many of your points as well. i edited the original post to address this:
  4. Shnilx

    Shnilx Active Member

    By the way, I'm not saying "unleash the hate-train". Act with modesty and respect, but I would not go as far to promote the spreading of "I got scammed posts", with the same reasoning in my earlier posts.

    A dislike is fine, if you dont feel a certain post belongs on the forum then you are fully within your right to say so with a dislike.

    Highly negative comments, however, is not fine.
  5. Oh god I'm gonna hurl
  6. JFan

    JFan Well-Known Member

    Paradise Islands PARA
    I never dislike or be toxic to scammed post, but I copypasta them
  7. Usually I don't dislike their posts, and I stopped most of my toxicity. This is not the case in which the victim is obviously throwing a tantrum instead of wrongfully filing a report. Save your dislikes, guys. There are plenty of people which love collecting dislikes, like you_only_YOLo_Once.
    I just like trolling him by giving funnies :)
  8. I completely agree insert_creative_name_here, because I have been scammed and posted it on forums, not knowing about public shaming or any of that, and people were being rude and even going off on my profile picture because "eww, its fornite" (my YT profile picture, I had a video but removed it because it had the scammers name). I got extremely mad at this, because I was just asking for help. I was NOT asking anyone to get banned, and I was NOT asking for any items back. personally, I dislike people that post comments that are rude on posts that 1: ask for help or 2: talk about a scam.
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  9. Shaggy23

    Shaggy23 Active Member

    This made me laugh. How do you play for 7 months and still fall for these scams??
  10. Stfu I’ll scam if I want
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  11. because they havent been scammed before. duh. im not defending them, im just trying to lessen the hate they get. what did they ever do to you?
  12. Metaphor

    I think
  13. It’s not talking about scammers, why do no one reads?
  14. bump
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