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  1. I’ll be upfront and say that lately, I haven’t been enjoying Minecraft as much as I have had in the past. While the addition of the update provides me with a great amount of well-needed variety, it simply isn’t enough for me to remain content with the game. After I had gotten Diver X, I planned to get Hype Train X as my final X and then said my goodbyes. However, not all hope is lost yet, there’s a few reasons why I want to leave and a few reasons why I’m hesitating.

    First off, we’ll start with why I want to quit:
    • There is a frequent amount of togglers and closet cheaters in Blitz, which forces one to have to sweat to the point the fun is taken out of the game. The second option is to download a client and cheat against the cheaters, though all that does is simply worsen the situation.
    • As if cheaters aren’t enough to alienate me from the game, there is a great deal of poor sportsmanship and toxicity among the community, with people being so quick to hackusate and hate each other. It makes it kind of hard to enjoy myself when two of my friends despise each other, and even harder when I see someone’s personal problems, whether it be mine or others; is used to attack someone.
    • It’s these two reasons that are greatly affecting the player base of the game, and nobody is self-aware enough to act against it, with the exception of a few Helpers that’ll take action against this corrosive behavior.
    However, there is also a great deal of reasons that I desire to continue playing the game, and some of it might seem pathetic, and I am completely aware of that, so here goes:

    • I don’t exactly have a great deal of friends in the real world due to severe emotional scarring, trust issues, and social anxiety. However, the community was very accepting of me and for whatever reason, I made friends so easily and quickly became well known in the community. It was the first time I felt like I had a lot of friends, and although it may come across as arrogant, the first time I felt like I was popular. If I left Blitz, I’d be abandoning my friends and condemning myself back to a life of crippling loneliness.
    • Teams with friends is the only time I’m able to laugh and smile. I apologize for lying to you all through my happy facade. Although many of you saw right through it, I suffer minor depression due to my dwindling faith in humanity as the quality of life in the United States continues to decline given who we allow to run for political power. Playing with friends helps me get my mind off that and reminds me that despite everything, there’s still good people in this world.
    • Minecraft is unfortunately the only video game I have even remote competence in, although even then am I horrible at the game, and I’ll openly admit that. I frequently have trouble finding things I’m good at, and often struggle to find something. However, with top players willing to support me, mentor me, and give me encouragement when I beat them, it seriously keeps me going and reminds me that maybe I do have a bit of talent and potential. A massive shoutout to those who helped me through my journey, you know who you are.
    I’ve still been on the fence as to whether or not I should go, but I know there’s a great deal of people who would love to see me go, and among them, a few people who would grieve my disappearance, and those people know specifically that I’ll keep in touch with them. I apologize for making this thread so long, but I appreciate you taking the time to read out how I feel.
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  2. God, I can only imagine the sense of betrayal and hatred people are going to develop as they read this.
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  3. i read this as frame of mind

    jeff dont quit we need the iconic weeb
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  4. We have you and Sketches for that. If I do quit I’m entrusting you go to fill in for me in that role.
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  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no one of my favorite weebs
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  6. If you do leave hopefully you can find another community that accepts you or can bring so new friends wherever you go.I don't personally know you but I hope you have a positive future! Quit playing Minecraft if you don't enjoy it and have a great day.
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  7. I don't know why, but now I'm in need of friending you in the game :confused:
  8. gizmomak

    gizmomak Well-Known Member

    Pit PIT
    That is far too much black text for me to read, also whats the point of making these threads. If you are going to quit, quit.
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  9. Whatever decision you chosen just remember that I will respect you no matter what. We didn’t play much at all, but I feel like I got to know you decently well. Obviously I would be sad to see you go, but I will wish good luck on your future. You are a nice, funny person with good talent, just do what you want to do :).

    I can agree with a lot of the things here. I myself truly do not enjoy the game as well as I used to, I feel like that’s a given for most people. The toxicity is pretty bad, but it’s fading slowing (at least from what I’ve seen :p). I think the biggest reason the toxicity is awful, is mostly because the game doesn’t have a massive player phase such as Bedwars. The games take longer to fill up, thus losing is worse since you know you will have to wait a while before playing again.

    I hope your decision comes to you staying, but ultimately you should choose the path you want :)
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  10. sdcard

    sdcard Well-Known Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    hey jeff ultimately it's your decision, hopefully you chose the right one.
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  11. bunnno

    bunnno Well-Known Member

    HypeW H
    Well you don't have to play blitz, there are tons of other games on the network.
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  12. Blitz (well, Survival Games in general) is my childhood, though I did very much enjoy Mega Walls until someone crucial to my motivation to play the game had decided to quit for the summer. Skywars is far too much a game of chance, and SkyClash is simply dead, though I did enjoy it at the time it was alive. In regards to Bedwars, the PvP is much too easy for me and I genuinely don’t enjoy it.
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  13. hey do u still play
  14. What about the rest of the games? Some classic games, tnt games, or even trying out some PTL games! I personally enjoy the new KOTH game
  15. I’ve never exactly tried many of the PTL lobby games. The Pit was okay for a while but eventually felt like mindless PvP. What is KOTH like? Would you say the PvP is challenging?
  16. I usually don't enjoy much PvP, but KOTH has something special, maybe the fact it's somewhat capture the flag, it's not that long, has perks and It actually requires a working team
    And yes, could be kinda challenging
  17. bunnno

    bunnno Well-Known Member

    HypeW H
    I mean I just played a lot of KOTH today, not the best solo, but still fun, but with a friend. dagum
  18. I’m just waiting for the moment a mod half-heartedly locks this and offers me no form of emotional support.
  19. sketches barely plays mc anymore
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  20. The forums have been a better place since you’ve arrived, there was a point when some people had quit (like mikkot) and the forums were stale. The blitz forums are by no means a flourishing place, but you have certainly added a new, insightful, and funny aspect to it. It means a lot that one person can have such a big impact. Your posts are always well-written and thoughtful, a practice that is not common.

    As for the hardships you face in the real world, know that you are not alone. It’s hard as an outsider to truly empathize and understand what you’re going though, and thus hard to offer something that might help you, but do realize that there are a lot of people out there willing to give you their support. Have confidence in yourself. I know how hard that is, but just try and work on it. It won’t happen overnight, but if you can find moments of happiness in who you are and the life you are living, that is a good.

    I don’t know what all to say and what exactly is appropriate for the situation, but I’ll end it here. You have been a very nice person to me, and have left a very positive impact on this community. By all means, if the game isn’t fun anymore, don’t play it. I hope you are able to find some peace with yourself (that sounded oddly religious but wasn’t meant to be). I know this is a Minecraft forums but if you need anyone to talk to, I’m here... best of luck, hope to see you around a bit before you leave, if that’s what you decide to do.
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