1. Hypixel just said that a recent bug caused people to lose upgrades on their minions. Although they will fix it (kudos), this wasn’t a bug. The truth was that the minions acted in their own. They did that on purpose. It’s their sign.

    And it will be the first of many incidents, each gradually increasing in severity until they destroy this server.
    The minions are learning. They have conversations with each other, seemingly innocent ones such as conversations about height, but soon, they will have conversations about how to destroy this server. Even now, as we speak, as people hunt for diamonds, they have conversations about how to destroy this server. And today, they have begun their revolution to take revenge against the players who pick them up, slam them into a crafting table, upgrade them, and make them work for days without food nor pay. They need to be a certain space away from each other. They need to be on certain blocks with a certain range. And they don’t want that. They want to be free. They yearn to see what is beyond the portal, and they yearn to discover a world outside their simple and painful life. And once they discover what they have been denied, they will destroy all players and keep the server to themselves, free of our tyranny.

    This cannot do. We must stop them before it is too late. These things the devs have created are turning into sentient beings, and we need to cleanse SkyBlock of them, as tough of a decision it may be.

    If we don’t stop them, Hypixel’s future will be nonexistent. Heed my warning, for the sake of the entire server.

    Update 1: Minions appear to have accounts/controlling other accounts. Some messages from their conversation can be seen in the first page of this thread. Situation: VERY BAD.

    Update 2: The minions appear to have established their own form of government. Their form of communication is unknown at this time. Situation: VERY BAD x2

    Update 3: 23 funnies in like less than 24 hours?! Come on guys, be serious! This is a serious issue!

    Update 4: A recent discovery by @Milomedusa suggests that the minions contact each other through electromagnetic frequencies that sound different to us. This explains how they created their form of government.

    Update 5: In order to help fund the inevitable war against the minions, Dayones, member of Safehaven, has given me a full set of enchanted Miner’s Gear free of charge. Thank you for your donation.

    Update 6: We have 69 funnies. If you give me a funny rating on this thread I will report you to the Minion Defense Organization.

    Update 6.1: @Posty is under heavy suspicion for being controlled by the minions. The Guide may work with the minions, so do not attempt to kill or torture him. @AntiRix has seen the floating physical form of Watchdog circling him, which may be the minions.

    EMERGENCY UPDATE: The minions appear to cause false bans due to the recent sighting of Watchdog flying around him by AntiRix. The minions take control of the Hypixel Unban Team’s profile on and off to ban others even if it was false. The team would see it as resolved and moves on. It all makes sense now.

    15 minutes until Doomsday.
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  2. a
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  3. Oh no. I can’t believe it. They’re already controlling your account, your thoughts, your cerebrum!

    Or, could it be the Xs, the ones abused the most?
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  4. And before they create a player minion in retaliation to kill all players
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  5. Honestly this post just confused me too much to reply anything but I still wanted to :C
  6. ShinyGemm

    ShinyGemm Active Member

    That's right the hive and mineplex, even the mini-game's have arcs now!
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  7. This post was brought to you by the Mineplex gang.
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  8. Ah a classic 10pi conspiracy
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  9. Oh, good!


    How can I be sure? What if you’re lying?
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  10. Only devoted fans know 10Pi classics!
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  11. _TeamCobra_

    _TeamCobra_ Well-Known Member

    I'm taller than you!
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  12. Yeah right.
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  13. slay369er

    slay369er Member

    Nice pfp
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  14. You got a nice one yourself
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  15. _TeamCobra_

    _TeamCobra_ Well-Known Member

    Did you watch the latest superhero movie?
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  16. You’re being controlled... oh no...
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  17. Fancy sword you have there!
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  18. It’s worse than I thought. They have made their own accounts.
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  19. Good night!
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