1. Digging down is broken. The simple fact that someone with an efficiency 3 stone shovel can exit a fight in a matter of a quarter of a second without any opportunity of being punished is ridiculous and is in no way a proper game design. I just played a game where my whole team is undergeared and chasing a full diamond that we needed to eliminate if we wanted any sort of chance of winning the game. I'm literally seven blocks behind him when he whips out his iron shovel, digs four blocks down, and blocks himself off even before I can even reach his hole. At that point any benefit that may have been gained from killing him vanished. Digging down on him would've definitely lost at least one teammate and a majority of our healing. Essentially, the moment he dipped underground we lost the game.
    How in the world is this remotely functional game design? I know everyone is currently hung up on about how apprentice bow is so insanely broken that makes the game impossible to win, but let me just ask you this. Is apprentice bow REALLY that strong when you can literally make bowfights optional? You can literally make ANY fight optional as a matter of fact as long as you know for sure you have better gear. Digging is not a problem in places like reddit or badlion since there's no efficiency and that leaves opposing players a crucial window of opportunity to punish the digger before he gets too far down. With everyone having an efficiency 3 shovel, that window of opportunity is nonexistent. I'm not even getting into the obby trap business which is so ridiculously safe and unbeatable that it only adds to the fact that digging down is just busted and completely unfair towards the players in the game that aren't as stacked as the rest.

    My suggested fix: After PvP is enabled, only give efficiency to a shovel if the player is below Y59. This would make it much more difficult for players to get underground quickly, giving opponents that specific window of opportunity to prevent them from getting away. This would also help to balance the highly unpopular "feature" of obby trapping, since this would help prevent players from getting underground in the first place. On the other hand, this small change wouldn't prevent players from digging down completely. One just has to put more effort into protecting themselves or put more distance between them and their opponent if they choose to exit a fight.

    I'll literally trade a small apprentice bow nerf for this. This is something I've desperately wanted for YEARS.
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  2. Greninja

    Greninja Well-Known Member

    How is digging down "bad gameplay design" and "broken" lmao.
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  3. or just quickdrop them :)
  4. Zova

    Zova Active Member

    Barmen BARMEN
    this will never be a thing but yeah it sucks
  5. So if your a stacked solo you should just die to a 3v1 and not be allowed to play strats.
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  6. hiphop4life

    hiphop4life Active Member

    Okay, a 3v1 and im getting destroyed. I should give up I’m not allowed to win a fight using strategies so might as well just play smash heroes.
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  7. UHC in general has a problem with how easy and effective it is to stall, stalemate, and drag out a fight. This is a problem with MC's design, really. The pvp aspect is almost entirely accidental and it shows.

    Nerf running with a tiered hunger debuff on low health. (Lower health = worse debuff.) Nerf digging down with mining fatigue on taking damage. Nerf obby trapping.

    It's the one point that makes me sympathize with those suggesting that you need a weapon that can quickdrop a full health player in a few seconds or the game will be ruined.
  8. hiphop4life

    hiphop4life Active Member

    If nerfing any playstyle because of it being “annoying” is a thing this game would become stale as poo, would mean it’s gonna be a battle royale of who has the better recipes unlocked innit
  9. It seems you're missing what I'm actually trying to accomplish with this change. By the time someone blocks themself off with dirt, you've pretty much lost any chance to stop him from going down. This change is to make it take a little bit of extra time to get underground and block themselves off, in order to prevent someone from being able to exit a fight as long as they have a 10 block lead on you.

    I've literally never killed a bhopper by digging down, no matter what amount of gear I have. The good ones will just hit you through blocks anyways. It's outright silly to think being able to dig against bhoppers (which aren't considered part of the game and have no weight in any conversation about balance) outweighs any negative effects this faulty game mechanic has on the game.
  10. Aren’t you just copy and pasting something grovyle wrote? You seem obsessed bud
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  11. hiphop4life

    hiphop4life Active Member

    There’s a reply button btw and stop saying it’s a game mechanic, it’s a tactic. If you’re calling breaking certain blocks to get to a certain position which could win you a fight a game mechanic then, there’s not a lot of reason to still argue since you won’t change your mind anyway.
  12. Wolf

    Wolf Well-Known Member

    IDK why everyone is freaking out over this when this is barely a dig change, now you'll need a 15 block distance to dig down and that's still nothing.
  13. SammySams

    SammySams Member

    sorry what not trying to offend you or anything but digging down is broken? not really the story you told you basically walked into a trap if you lost a teammate and lost a lot of health thats just on you for following him you walked into his trap if he died but got a dude and got your guys health down im pretty sure he would still count it as a win since he got a person killed but also digging down is not broken since its just a perk not everyone has also why give a person a eff shovel in y59 would be pretty useless by then but still obby trapping is on you if you get trapped in it since you dug down into their trap but again who knows this might fix obby trapping *even though its just a tactic*
  14. I prefer people dig more than run forever
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  15. I honestly don’t know whether or not to feel honored or bewildered.

    I don’t know if you have some kind of score to settle with me, but I forgot who you were, so I’m kinda at a disadvantage here.

    Thanks for making my opinion relevant again, even if it loses all of its credibility when posted by a different publisher.
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  16. he’s not trying to provide an argument, he’s copying and pasting stuff I wrote for reasons unknown.
  17. That would take the devs like 10 years of coding.
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  19. upload_2019-11-14_20-30-47.png
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  20. Don’t bowspam and people won’t dig. It isn’t rocket science

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