1. As some of you know, when you go to the GUI in which you have to pick a game, some of the games game a tag called "Competitive". I do understand what this means. It means a neatly, organized, game that requires players to try their best to beat the enemy either as a team or independently. But why don't we take that to another level? What if these "Competitive" games had a competitive option. An option that's only accessible when you reach a certain level or (example off of Smash Heroes) prestige a hero. So basically a game of good players vs. good players. And the normal matches that you regularly see currently would just be more of a public match, or "Casual" (TF2 reference). I can't really give you much more information. Most people already know what I mean by this but some don't unfortunately (new gamers).

    Thanks for reading this and let me know if you think this small idea is a good one. Make sure to follow me and leave a positive rating. Much appreciated everybody! <3 :)
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    So are you basically asking for there to be good players vs good players for every game?
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  3. You do realise, that not everyone is as gifted and talented in pvp, right?

    Players who you would not consider 'good' would still join competitive no matter what.
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  4. Putting an option to change the difficulty of a gamemode won't do any good. Skilled players will still play a lower difficulty to farm coins. Newer players will still choose to play a harder difficulty because they want to be considered good.
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  5. Just like an option that you have to be a certain level for. Skilled players vs. Skilled players. (ex. League of Legends, TF2)
  6. Incorrect. Like I said, you have to be a certain skill level in order to even be eligible for competitive. (ex. League of Legends, TF2)
  7. New players will not have access to it. Like I said, you have to be a certain level to be eligible for competitive.
  8. An interesting idea in concept, but this would end up splitting the playerbase and can cause additional problems. Problems such as "good" players bashing on "not good" players, taking longer time for a game to fill and start, and cause more confusion for the unaware.
  9. I don't feel like this will be a big problem because Hypixel has the largest playerbase I have ever seen on a server. Of course, to keep this from happening, you can only be at least a certain level. A level that would take hours and hours and hours to acquire. And good players bashing out at the not so good players..that has happened to me before. People yelling at me that I'm bad, etc. There of course could be a rule added against discouraging players? Though, I doubt that would happen for some reason. I don't know why high leveled players would lash out at the newer ones. Also, a pro to this idea would be that some of the really good players would be intrigued and filtered to play more competitive rather than the normal matches. Why is this good? Well, the newer players would have more of a chance to play more casually instead of going tryhard. Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it! :D
  10. Easy wins, coins, XP, etc.

    Though I don't agree it should be implemented, I do understand and wish for a system that would accurately pit players of similar experience/skill together for more interesting and stimulating games.
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  11. ... Oh? Do you want followers? Umm... ..... You should become an active member first ;P
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  12. So new players won't be able to play any conpetitive games?
  13. No, each one has an option that's ranked basically. So Smash would have 2v2, 2v2v2, 1v1v1v1, and some form of Ranked/Competitive. Only the Ranked mode would have a level requirement.
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  14. Oh. Ok then. I don't see much wrong with that.
  15. Of course not. If they played competitive games then they would not only tip off the players trying to competitively play, but also make themselves salty of how bad they feel losing. I don't know why new players would be allowed to play comp games? I mean there's also ranked matches in Skywars and new players clearly can't play THAT which I agree with completely.
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    I once came up with this type of idea but good players will just be spamming to fight the lower level people and it would just suck. In my opinion I'd say if you start as a low level you'll never or very slowly become a good player. If you fight the better pvp players you'll learn more from them and it would be easier.
  17. That's why you have to be a certain level in order to start playing competitive. I don't see why people would start as a newer player..I mean, common sense. Everyone always replies to this post with this similar reply. I find it frustrating that no one payed attention to the part where I said the level thing. It's either that or I never even said it in the article. :p Not taking my anger on you, just wanted to let that out if anyone comes along this message. Thanks for the feedback, though! <3
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    What if you you were in a party with your friend and one of you are higher level and the other lower? o_O
  19. Well then Hypixel would obviously tweak it. Just like they tweaked the fact that no more than 2 people can join a match of Super Smash Heroes teams which is horrible in my opinion because why not you have the 3rd/4th person join the OTHER side, haha. :mad:;)
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    This is the 3rd most asked thing in smash forums :p i can see why tho
    Im gonna quote codename_b's answer if I can find it
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