1. Hello friends!

    Here at Hypixel, we have a massive appreciation for the community and the variety of ways that you assist us in making the server fantastic and fun.

    One of those ways is the base of players who assist us by submitting bug reports. You are the players that explore every feature and function of the server, search every nook and cranny of our game maps, and collect and use our cosmetic features. We as creators need your assistance to discover the odds and ends that can happen in development and you do so in kind!

    With this post, we are bringing to you a snapshot of some of your community submitted bug reports that have been corrected directly due to your help but may not have made it in the patch notes.

    We are forever thankful for your assistance with this as we aim to continue to deliver fun and engaging gameplay and social features on Hypixel. Without further delay, here is the list.

    All reports were community submitted.

    ▶ Arcade
    • Fixed Football games not counting towards daily win quest.
    • [MiniWalls] Fixed the rubberbanding / kick issues.
    • [Blocking Dead] Fixed resource help so it displays correct message.
    • Fixed the "Punch The Dragon Egg" spawning once and then not spawning again.
    • [CreeperAttack] Fixed high score not syncing with stats / website.
    ▶ Bedwars
    • Fixed if you are in a party and you join mid-game, you are not on the same team.
    • Fixed the issue with Projectile Trails not equipping.
    • Fixed having no block buffer on Aquarium.
    • Fixed the missing blocks on Playground.
    ▶ Duels
    • Bow Spleef: Fixed rubberbanding with double jumps.
    • Fixed getting the incorrect duel result if both players die.
    • Fixed the coin reward text missing from endgame summary.
    ▶ Housing
    • Fixed Memory issue causing Housing to crash more often.
    • Added "/p warp" so it's easier to visit Housing with your friends.
    • Fixed the housing achievements.
    • Added the games that were missing in the compass.
    ▶ Mega Walls
    • Fixed an issue with certain heights not allowing for blocks to be destroyed by explosions.
    • Found the Automaton's Boots missing Unbreakable Tag.
    • Typo Fix: Renegade being spelled wrong in the class collection menu.
    • Map Fix: Fixed the Dynasty barriers blocking the hole in the roof.
    • Fixed the "Cakes Found" achievement not incrementing for some players.
    ▶ Network/General
    • [Cosmetic] Fixed an issue with getting kicked to limbo for Hype train being used.
    • Fixed the glitch that would occur with parties all invite.
    ▶ Skywars
    • Fixed the issue with armor in inventory not dropping upon death.
    • Fixed the Fisherman Kit issue where it did not give all items.
    • [Luckyblock] Fixed the death screen appearing but not in any other mode.
    • Stopped Snowmen from attacking other friendly mobs.
    • Fixed the issue with Chilly pants making lucky blocks unbreakable/disappear.
    ▶ The Pit
    • Changed the massive damage given by a player's hand.
    • Fixed players shooting themselves with the Recon perk to get XP.
    • Fixed player consuming sword instead of rage potato.
    • Fixed the issue with levels not going away after prestige.
    • Fixed double rewards effect remaining beyond the end of the event.
    ▶ UHC
    • Enderdragon can no longer get you kicked for flying.
    • Fixed the shovel regenerating durability.
    • Fixed boats causing players to crash.
    Not included in the list but very important: We want to take the opportunity to thank you all for the 1.13 bugs which you have all so graciously submitted to us in our pre* version testing. We wait to deliver a great new version release.

    This post gives you a small snapshot of just one of the ways the community helps keep the server and games running in top shape! Once again, we thank you and hope that you will continue to submit your reports and help us keep delivering great gameplay.
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  2. Anytime :D
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  3. Gg
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  4. Saying fixed some achievements implies that you intentionally didn’t fix some that were reported as bugged?
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  5. naisu
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  7. You're welcome :)
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  8. Jet711

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    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    I would complain about MM bugs, but Externalize has already said that some bugs will be patched on a separate release date. Still, hype!
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  9. Thanks for the duels fixes :D
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  11. Good catch! The "some of" was a typo, I guess you could say we had a bug in our thread --; If you find any additional bugs in housing, please make sure to report it here!
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  12. Nice! Aways good to see some bugs squashed!
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  13. PostFarmer

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    The first public report to possible achieve a bug rating? o:
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  14. Even though I submitted no bug reports, you're welcome bb
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    gee gee
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  16. #16
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  17. Wonder how many of those bugs @lopen reported :p

    Good job : D
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  18. The legend will be remembered.
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  19. this is so sad Alexa play despacito
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  20. Infource

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    Edit: It's working now.

    By the way, GJ for fixing the other bugs! :)
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