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  1. [​IMG]
    I think there should be a command called /ping.
    When you type it in chat, without a username behind it, it will return one of these:
    However, if you type the command with a username following it (eg. /ping NoahLiedFilm) it will return something like this:
    or, when a player is offline:

    I think this command will make it much easier to find out what someone's ping is, rather than reading those bars (they don't tell much), or installing a mod.

    Leave your opinions in the reactions.

    Remember: it is just a idea.

    EDIT: I've created a spigot plugin as example for this. Check it out here:
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  2. While this would not affect me at all as I'm using a mod to show ping, it would be cool to have a command for it.
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  3. yay now ill know how terrible my ping is at all times +1
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  4. I have 5Zig and Vanilla enchants to tell me my ping, but there's no harm in having a /ping for those who don't use mods.
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  5. OrangeMarshall's Enhancements Mod, PingTagMod and 5Zig are all capable of polling the player's ping and displaying it. A server sided ping command would only benefit those on versions above 1.9 and without 5Zig whom I believe don't care about such things.

    I should mention that Hypixel updates ping report differently than other servers; you may see people fluctuate between 3 and 5 bars at a very frequent rate (a bug in Farm Hunt) while on others it takes about 20 seconds to update.
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  6. I've created a little spigot plugin (Won't work with bungeecord, the system hypixel uses to link the server to each other, but it is just about the idea.) as an example.

    /ping [Player]

    Using /ping will just tell your ping
    And /ping <playername> will either tell you example is offline or example's ping is 45ms. (Note: the ping is real, it is not just always 45ms).

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/e2axye8ua5adkjz/PingCommand v1.0.jar
  7. Good plan /ping: your ping is 20ms
  8. I'd really like this command +1 It would be super useful for me because I'm not sure how to check it otherwise without going through more trouble than I'd like
  9. Yes. I need to know how bad my ping is, and I don’t want to have to use mods in order to do it.
  10. HoppersZ

    HoppersZ Well-Known Member

    Even tho ping doesn't matter, I still agree with this idea. +1
  11. I agree that this would be a great addition to have on the server. Not all players have a modification allowing them to check their ping and having a command on the server would grant every player to have access to seeing their ping. I also like the pictures you provided since they gave us an idea of what you are talking about specifically.

    Once again, great idea! :)
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  12. -Akash

    -Akash Member

    There are some mods, and yeah I don't really care because I play Tntrun haha
  13. Thanks :D
  14. Djarolol2

    Djarolol2 Well-Known Member

    Why wouldn't 1.9+ players not like seeing ping? Most competitive minecraft players are on 1.12.2 anyway.
    Like it or not, the 1.12.2 pvp system is the official system and all other systems are outdated. Competetive players care about staying up-to-date and not using a 2 year old system because they are a noob in the official pvp system
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  15. Right sorry I admit 1.12.2 is a superior version to any other and that it should be worshipped by thousands of cults across the world
  16. Useful for those who don't have mods
  17. I actually tried this once, then found out it wasn't a thing XD I'd like to see it added!
  18. Waitron

    Waitron Well-Known Member

    Guild Master
  19. BulbJake

    BulbJake Well-Known Member

    IfOnly I
    I have ping enabled in hyperium but +1
  20. Leget

    Leget Well-Known Member

    This would be fantastic, +1 :)
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