1. Hey, just a quick post to make you aware that the Travel to someone else's house is going to undergo some changes very soon that will make it easier and more fun to find the Houses that you want to see!

    More details soon!
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  2. Husky

    Husky Well-Known Member

    The Bloodlust BLOOD
    Another housing update I see?
  3. VekksR

    VekksR Active Member

    Mad Lads UWU
    Hype! :)
  4. Can't wait for easier navigation to find new houses with lower amounts of guests
  5. Why do all the cool updates come out after my PC decides to slow down? XD
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  7. YoshiDaYoshi

    YoshiDaYoshi Well-Known Member

    Here's a few suggestions i thought of to help the menu:

    • Lists for Friends, Guilds and Parties Houses
    • Being able to Favorite Houses
    • A search bar for the Menu
    • Popular Houses become Weekly Features
    • A better Random House Feature
    • Being able to filter out housings with certain tags (e.g roleplay)
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  8. Yay a Non Bedwars update ;)
  9. We'll be able to filter Housings by friends, guild members, and party members?

  10. I'm fairly sure that's what the "Social Channel" is...
  11. I should've made it more obvious that I was saying it jokingly. :p
  12. Lit. Thanks for working on all of these much needed Housing updates!
  13. Sorry, I was confused after someone said almost the same thing.
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  14. oof that luck
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  15. Ikr?
  16. Bruh I just looked at it, BUT NOW...

    IT'S NOW HARD TO USE THE MENU! (I honestly prefer the old one you should add an option to put the classic one back)
  17. What about it do you find hard to use?

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