1. As some may already know Mekz (a yter with 16k subs) reached combat level 50 recently using his Ghast farm. I just wanted to know how long it took him to get to that, like seriously.
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  2. beangg

    beangg Active Member

    It took him around 3 weeks grinding every day
  3. Only?
  4. can u get a spicel zealot from using explosive bow
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  5. beangg

    beangg Active Member

    Ye ghasts are 400k+ xp an hour if you use the right mats,

    It took me about a bit over a month to get combat 50 but I got it before foul flesh was a thing
  6. 400k per hour? I'm only getting about 70k per hour with 1 tier 11 and 21 tier 7s
  7. Are you using Vikings tear? +some other factors mebbe
  8. U using pots for combat xp, and do you use same farm design?
  9. Yes but how is this related?
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  10. Trust me he would know beangg was the second or third person to get combat 50
  11. How long does it take with ench lava? Aka how much do it get an hour
  12. 3 weeks :>
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  13. How many hrs per day?
  14. 24/7?

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