1. I was thinking, if YouTube ranks can do clickbait and admin abuse, so why not we can? Hypixel, if your reading this, make that staff should friend or be allowed to be friended. Thank for looking into my thread. :)
  2. YouTubers get clickbait which means more views, so Hypixel should, in theory, get more players.
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  3. eckesDee

    eckesDee Active Member

  4. Thanks for your idea!
  5. If all players can choose to accept friend requests or not, then why can't staff?
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  6. Kolton12O

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    Because youtubers are better than us losers.
  7. because then kids would be begging to do collabs on their nokia with amoura
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  8. 1. No one is stopping out from clickbaiting. It’s just looked down upon.

    2. Admin abuse is depending on whether they’re willing to do parties (which they do every now and then).

    3. It’s staffs’ choice about who to friend or not.
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  9. xdd

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