1. Which gamemode will get you the most amount of coins in the shortest amount of time?
  2. ha55ii

    ha55ii Active Member

    Goal GOAL
    Zombies if you can speedrun (About 25 minutes or so)
    Blocking Dead if you can get 500 kills a game or so
    Miniwalls if you can't do either

    ALWAYS quest as well, I suggest Hypixel Says or Hole in the Wall for questing.
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  3. I would say that if you dont want to do any of that, just play farm hunt as an animal and spam the taunts while hiding.
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  4. If you want coins, you could just p2w and buy an arcade booster. I think if you timed it right, you'd get like 400k coins. But if you don't want to, then I'd say Mini Walls for a fast game.
  5. Zombies
    I guess.
    But only if you play with a party and survive for a long time.
  6. Never buy an arcade booster. Always buy a booster for the game you want to spend your coins on. For example, 400k arcade coins is equal to 40k mega walls coins. IF you were to buy a mega walls booster you would end up with 300+k mega walls coins. Same principal with pretty much every other game mode like blitz, uhc etc.
  7. Ik, but if you want Arcade Coins leaderboard, that's how you do it :)
  8. Zombies if you're playing with a party and you all know what to do. Or you can just master the easy games like hypixel says and just grind on that cause they're pretty short

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