1. I feel that the amount of coins players get in Arena Brawl is considerably low. To begin with, if a normal user was to attempt to max out a single offensive skill it would take him about 250,000 coins. This would take an outrageous amount of wins totaling in at around 10,000 which is higher than any other win count on any game on the server (except for MatthewRTP who is OP). I really would like the prices of the kits to be reduced, I doubt any player would be able to get fully maxed out with the current system considering that with MVP and boosters constantly active it would take him at least 3,600 wins along with both kills per win.​
    Some of these kits are worthless as well. Saving 250,000k for a bit for an extra 200 health or an extra two damage per hit? I don't really feel that these are a big upgrade; especially considering their expense and how much upgrades in other games are pretty much game changers. I have played against maxed out administrators and they are not much more of a challenge; the upgrades just aren't effective.​
    I also think that some of the tasks in Arena Brawl are not rewarding enough. FFA is a very difficult minigame, takes longer than most 2v2 matches, and is only rewarded half of what a normal game would give. Winning in FFA is a 1/4 chance where in 2v2 it is 1/2; if anything FFA should be yielding 25-50% more income than the classic team versus team.​
    I really hope some of these things are considered. I love Arena Brawl and think that it could be made a lot better if the shopping and earning system were given a bit of consideration ^_^ ​
    Make sure to post your own feedback and suggestions regarding the system below! :D
    p.s. sry poundsake for ripping off your post on MW:p
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  2. True. I totally agree
  3. Well for a start, I am only OP in TNT Run & Paintball but yeah I am a boss on the server! :p

    PVP is not my strong point however and I rarely do PVP.
  4. giannisCKS

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  5. ice5

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    There will be challenges/quests you can complete which will award you coins.. I don't remember who said this, but staff anyways. The topic was the same as this threads.
  6. Regardless, the awards for FFA are far too low, and the offensive upgrades offer little or no help in the actual game.
  7. ice5

    ice5 Well-Known Member

    Then should there be challenges/quests for FFA which reward more than 2v2 quests/challenges? Also, the only ones who would benefit from offensive upgrades are the players who play alot and/or players who are hardcore pvpers. I would say use coins for utility/heal and main skill, learn to use them properly and then think about upgrades.
  8. Kevos

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    codeB himself said the arena wasn't optimized for FFA and that it was just a bonus, and therefore the coin gains were meant to be low.
  9. Kaz_

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    ffa gets low coins because its unranked.
  10. By why should you give fewer coins for achieving a more difficult goal? All this does is discourage players from playing FFA which no doubly will, in the future, contribute to a good amount of achievements.
  11. Kaz_

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    so people can upgrade stuff and not lose their rating
  12. The game is currently in beta- games have significantly reduced coin gainage in beta to avoid gaps in economy caused by there being a period of time where people are gaining way too many coins, while they balance out the economy.
  13. da_alager

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    Arena AND megawalls coins are way to outragusly low
  14. xXmoshiheroXx

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    Did you say.... MORE COINS?! (Girly Scream)
  15. I get 55 coins for winning without kills

    I get 65 coins for winning with 1 kill

    I get 75 coins for winning killing both players, too low...
  16. Minix1043

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    İf they add upgrades for skills it will be good.
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  17. XzTheProPlayerXz

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  18. A normal player would need 400,000 kills to max all his offensive skills.
  19. link2012 Be glad your not a normal player then :p

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