1. So me and @SV8V8V8V8V8V8V8V8V8V8V8 did a thing
    2017-10-11_16.38.22.png 2017-10-11_16.38.30.png
    I bet you can guess who did which side...
    Anyways, it says Codename_B give MW an update
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  2. #2
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  3. I was warped into that game for the sole purpose of seeing that.
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  4. Adornable

    Adornable Well-Known Member

    IceSquad ICE
    Codename will release an update that changes 1 thing on level 3 phoenix just to mess with us.
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  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA A MW update?! Hypixel’s greatest meme :p
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  6. If i remember correctly Codename made a poll, the poll was this

    “Smaller more frequent updates” or
    “Big yearly updates”...
    I guess he has 2 months to fulfill what he set out, I guess it’s not the biggest deal though MegaWalls is dead and it will never reach a constant 1,000 players again
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  7. I can actually see that happening lol
  8. Elixify

    Elixify Well-Known Member

    I'm temped to release another one of those curse threads but im too lazy to make alts
  9. Wait.. Wait... We can do it another time... The plan was to cover all 4 walls... don't rage at me please
  10. I want a December update please
  11. dirt messages are best messages
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  12. SupremeSheldon

    SupremeSheldon Well-Known Member

    This is modern art.
  13. I believe the next scheduled update is the new Hunter Skin for Cake Hunters.. #theCakeIsNotALie
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  14. “Not a lie”
    Ah memories.
  15. Wait really?
  16. Yes, SV8 invited me to a party and warped me in, I was just on a my SV8mysandwichV1 account.
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  17. Oh so you're THAT guy...
  18. Not if i can help it
  19. thalesmelhor

    thalesmelhor Member

    good job, but he wont see it
  20. MegaWalls is an older game. The people who actually know and enjoyed MegaWalls are in College or don’t play MegaWalls anymore. Not to mention that nobody wants to play a game that takes well over 30 minutes to play and takes a lot of time just to get their 1st max class

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