1. Wow look another thread, I bet you're all dying to see what I have planned (sarcasm). So, uh, yeah, here are some examples (of full on drawings bc I couldn't find any sketches but you get the idea):


    The only rules are that all requests must be family friendly and not too complicated bc I'm a terrible artist and this is all a joke lol have a nice day everyone

    Edit: Wow, it's been a week already? I sure had fun making the drawings and seeing all of the requests. Of course, I'll still be completing the ones that haven't been done yet, but requests are closed. Have a great day lol
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  2. My minecraft skin
  3. Draw my Minecraft skin as well.
  4. You've probably gotten tired of hearing it but my mc skin please!
  5. UglyStereotypes

    UglyStereotypes Well-Known Member

    I will be the first and stop the MC skin train and say draw me Jirachi please. :p
  6. my mc skin
  7. logo of Advanced Micro Devices
  8. Draw my skin like my pfp, but on a calm skywars island.
    (ill wear it)
  9. Could you draw my mc skin? Ty in advance.

    DARKDRAGON532 Well-Known Member

    Draw my mc skin on top it says [NON FTW] DARKDRAGON532 like the username
  11. Make a random line. Continue drawing something from that line.
    I'm excited to see what you come up with :)

    DARKDRAGON532 Well-Known Member

    The line can be your title of the thread
  13. lol I got your drawing
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  14. You're art style is adorable! I would love one. Could you do my Minecraft skin? If applicable.
  15. Waffle

    Waffle Well-Known Member

    me but without the mask
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  16. 2k iq
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  17. Wow my first request! I hope I did well. The other drawings may take a little longer than I expected, so if I'm a little slow, I apologize ^^
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  18. That is surprisingly cute
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  19. xHerobrine

    xHerobrine Member

    Draw me 7 triangles consisting of any angles/size by using the starting drawing of a large letter H and only using 3 linear lines afterwards going through the large letter H to form the triangles.

    EDIT: Anyone else is welcome to try. Basically draw a large letter H (basic drawing using 3 single lines to form it) and use 3 more linear lines crossing through the letter to make 7 triangles.
  20. I'm not in any big hurry so take your time.

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