1. Heyyy
    I want to buy ender leggings
    please tell me your offer :D
  2. D O N T. Y O U. D A R E
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  4. Archieomg

    Archieomg Active Member

    Leave while you still have your legs to walk with.
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  5. why is everyone so angry lol
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  6. Its war on ender armor nons and other armor guys o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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  7. Ender armor sets are way too common, so they sell for close to zero coins, so people will often get it on day 1, and that brings many other consequences with that.

    Beginners often mess up other players in slayer quests, and those now have ender armor far more often than before. That's probably the biggest reason for the hate.

    Maybe another reason could be that the ender set makes weaker players want to go to the end earlier, so there's more people in the end, and you can't find dead hubs.

    Or "Why are you stealing my Zealot?" but badly written.
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  8. Another ender armor noob

    [/SPOILER just kidding dont take it serious. I prefer u get a dragon armor but not ender armor like those a hole]
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  9. so umm i can deal 15k no pots with ender armor is that bad dd
  10. I can deal 15k without armor, and also dont even have all my tailsman on me (I gave some high lvl ones to a friend so they could grind zealots)
  11. lmao nice
  12. The thing is that i traded my wise armor set for a runaans which i sold and a full hpb maxed leaping so for now im sitting here with non armor xD
  13. zealots 1 shot me so i cant even grind summoning eyes and dragon armor is soooooooooooo costly. like 50 fragments for the helmet, like why. it is a late game armour but hardened diamond is trash rn
  14. Na I mean buying from auction lol
  15. Duck_McFuddle

    Duck_McFuddle Active Member

    There’s this stupid thing going on right now where wise users hate on ender users since they need someone to blame for their overpowered set getting balanced. Just ignore them ;)
  16. Bruh I’m a strong+tarantula gangster
  17. They are like 800k so still costly

    kk thanks for the info

    cool lol

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