Who is excited for their own GamingChair?

Poll closed Sep 9, 2018.
  1. Me!

  2. Nobody.

  3. Pfft, I don't need a GamingChair; I have hacks.

  1. How is this client different from forge/vanilla?
  2. I can't name specific things, most add-ons (mods) are created and implemented by me. If you join the Discord server and head to the #download channel, you can view the change logs.
  3. StreakGuild

    StreakGuild New Member

    Can my guild sponsor your client and name it "Official Client Of Streak"?
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  4. yes I want to play on the Official Client of Streak it is a very good client
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  5. StreakGuild

    StreakGuild New Member

  6. #46
  7. Is it open source? If not, you should consider making it open source (this gains trust)
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  8. Skullslice

    Skullslice New Member

    Client side anticheats are bs the person can still cheat. External autoclickers and stuff still work. It just gives them an excuse when they get caught.
  9. I see your point, and I do agree with it gives them an excuse when they're caught. Although, most of the time, External AutoClickers can be stopped with Client-Side AntiCheats. That is also alongside the fact that it does only make cheats better, which is unfortunate but, true. To basically sum it up: Client-Side AntiCheats will not always be perfect, in fact at most times they improve cheats and their hiding ability, but, they also stop cheats from being used and giving players an advantage.
  10. It isn't at the moment, but I do not obfuscate the code, so it can be decompiled and read.
  11. Then what's going to change? Making it open sourced will allow people to contribute and improve your code, issue tracking and not breaking Mojang's EULA by distributing Minecraft's code.
  12. Would be cool if it was

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