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  1. Everyone hates being cleaned in ranked skywars, it's scummy and annoying. I think they should add a system where once you get a kill you get 10 seconds of invulnerability so you can regen health after a fight and get a fair 1v1 between someone. I think the invulnerability should be removed after the player hits or when the 10 second timer runs out. Please comment and vote on the poll telling me what you think.
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  2. So u basically get a free hit on the last player if u get a kill?That is totally fair lol
    also don't like getting cleaned?rod and run :p
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  3. How do you get a free hit? I don't think most people would be attacking straight away most would be healing. Fights really drain you. Plus your rod and run thing doesn't always work. There are quite a few players on this server who barely take knockback (I'm included in that) Rods don't really do anything to us. And if the other person has speed and you don't it's basically a gg for them
  4. It wears off if you hit him,that means he cant hit you while you can hit him,making it unfair
    the second part,ok sure i can agree on that,but i dont think this would be added :p
  5. Infehh

    Infehh Well-Known Member

    Burito OFFICER
    Get Juggernaut V, block them off and run.
  6. victorfuanMC

    victorfuanMC Active Member

    I would love to have a clean protection, but instead of 10sec, I think it should be 5 sec.
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  7. SteveDaddyDerpSon

    SteveDaddyDerpSon Well-Known Member

    This idea is even worse than being able to buy dragon ridee
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  8. That's why you should use Armourer, two kills gives Protection III Chestplate. Also, Juggernaut and Last Stand can help too
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  9. How am I able to kill Wolvax or Childish then?
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  10. Infehh

    Infehh Well-Known Member

    Burito OFFICER
    donors dont get any extra coins unless your buying a network booster, and also juggernaut v is pretty easy to get
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  11. but its bad to be a non-donator
  12. Redknife

    Redknife Active Member

    just get scout 5 and run away from cleaners
  13. dlyn

    dlyn Well-Known Member

    This is something a player that has never gotten anything higher than iron division would say
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  14. That's why you watch out for cleaners!
  15. Also since Hypixel reach is broken rn and first hit gets more reach then its basically a more op bulldozer.
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  16. I think they fixed this,but im not sure
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  17. Pqnos

    Pqnos Active Member

    HypeW MEMBER
    sooo my friendooooo???! What happens if I'm under geared??? And the other guy is full diamond??????pff I think is a bad idea sorry :/
  18. see,what if the cleaner GET THE KILL
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  19. what do u mean
    donators don't have the perk for free/nor will they have more coins
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