1. (If a thread like this is already established, please take this down) As classic is one of the most played and won Duels mode, considering the overall leader board, I recommend that there should be a Classic Ranked Title. For players who love SG-style pvp, like myself, it would be extremely beneficial since it adds a bit of competitiveness that UHC and SW duels has. It looks like Classic Duels is going through a decline in popularity, I often see it having as few as ten players, (might fluctuate due to time/time zones) but adding a Classic Rank title might spur the classic mode back into action. One concern that I personally DON'T have that others might, are hackers. I've played 4k+ games of duels and rarely encounter them. I've only seen a few on classic, and none on UHC or SW. Personally, I think that the pros ought weigh the cons if we add a Classic Rank Title. Wow that kinda sounded like an essay (school PTSD o no)
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  2. it would be sumo or op, as those are played more at least when i'm on
  3. Yeah it looks like the popular modes will get more attention with the titles ;/
  4. It should be all modes that get it.
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  5. Yeah would be pretty awesome to see, what makes uhc and skywars so special? In my opinion all modes should get ranked titles, so there is something for everyone to aspire to that isn't just win amounts.
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  6. beeyorkie

    beeyorkie Well-Known Member

    They should, especially because I don't think it'd take too much work :)
  7. Mehere

    Mehere Active Member

    Agreed i would like to see sumo titles because i enjoy that game the most
  8. Totally agree, I wonder if UHC and SW got more popular than Classic because of the titles and ranks? If not, it was probably a heavily contributing factor :3

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