1. Pyro

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  2. Tlord

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  1. I'm a lvl 35 tlord, but I saw the pyro as a possible option to swap class. The tlord does not exactly match my style, but I dunno if I should swap. Could you tell me the pros and cons of each? Thanks
  2. Pros for pyro: Lot's of spammy damage. I also feel that aiming is a lot easier.
    Cons: Very weak against multiple enemies.
    Pros for tlord: powerful attack class if used right. Can hit multiple enemies with one bolt and can use it's ultimate to do tons of damage, plus it's the only other class besides paladin (and now spiritguard) that has a energy refill skill.
    Cons: very squishy class (although chain lightning helps with that), a bit weak in certain 1v1s (like berserker)
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  3. T
    Thanks, ill take account of that

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