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  1. Hey everyone!

    I believe it is time for me to sit down and address the elephant in the room: our old friend, SkyClash.

    The situation is as follow: Exactly one week after the Game Menu update, we will be permanently removing SkyClash from the Hypixel Network. I believe we should go into our reasoning for this.

    The Removal of SkyClash


    Before we proceed, we need to look into our reasoning as to why the game needed to, at the very least, be moved away from the main game menu.

    7 Days before the Game Menu Update:
    - SkyClash had 418 Games Played
    - Crazy Walls had 972 Games Played
    - Warlords had 2,456 Games Played
    - Speed UHC had 3,323 Games Played

    Prior To The Game Menu Update, the Following was observed:
    - In the 6 hours before, 1 game was played.
    - In the 12 hours before, 5 games were played.

    What we can learn from this little bit of data is super simple - SkyClash is barely ever played. Of all the mini-games in the network, it amounts for about 0.25% of players. This easily puts us in a situation where it is no longer a good idea to have SkyClash on the main menu - the main game menu is meant to showcase our most popular games.

    Here's a comparison between Warlords and Skyclash - player count for about a month before the Game Menu update:

    This shows this situation is not new - this has been an ongoing issue for quite a while.

    Let's assume you are a new player on the network, and you look at the main game menu, and you decide to click on SkyClash. Chances are you won't be joining a skyClash match for the next 6 hours, you'll quickly grow bored of waiting, quit and play something else.

    Isn't there something else we can do?

    During the few hours following the update, as was expected, people who hold SkyClash close to their hearts had a lot of different opinions about what we should do with the game instead. Let's review some of the most popular logical ones.

    Moving to the Classic Games menu

    The most popular one obviously was - why aren't we just moving it into the Classic Games lobby? The first thing we need to make clear about the Classic Lobby is that it is definitely not where we send games that are dead. It is meant to contain games that we are all fond of, that helped the network get to where it is at. Most of these games were, at some point or another, some of our tops played games. Obviously, we can't have every game in the network have their own lobby and their own spot on the game menu. Not only would there be no space on the game menu causing a confusing chaotic clutter, but having this many lobbies out there would start affecting network performance.

    Back to the suggestion at hand - again, why not move SkyClash to the Classic Lobby then? The main reason is one people rarely mentioned: have you ever been to the SkyClash lobby?


    SkyClash doesn't use the usual Minecraft menus to operate - you set up your classes and perks using this really good looking board in the lobby itself. We've always been proud of this; it was a very unique experience for the players. However, it turned out to be a bit buggy at times, and obviously leads us to this question - where do we add this in the classic games lobby? How does it affect performance? If we put it right in the middle of the Lobby, it doesn't feel like a Classic Lobby anymore. Place it somewhere else? Then new SkyClash players won't know where it is. There are no good solutions to this, and if we simply make a normal menu like other games, it feels like we're killing off what made SkyClash unique.

    On a similar note, some people have mentioned possibly making Skyclash a Skywars lab mode, but doing so would require a lot of work. It's not just a question of moving it, it would have to be simplified and rebalanced as such, and there's still the question of the class/perks menu. Perhaps a future lab mode could inspire itself with old skyclash mechanics, but we cannot promise anything of the sort at this time.

    Give it an update, it'll revive the game!
    The Last SkyClash update came about a year ago.

    While it has been a long time, it is important to note the following about the update itself:

    Average Amount of Players in a period of 24 hours:
    1st Feb 2018 - 69
    1st March 2018, Update is released - 60
    2nd March 2018 - 75
    7th March 2018 - 57

    Sadly, it didn't work. We've done it before, and it did not yield any results - player count barely went up after the update, and just kept going down after. This is unlike Warlords, as seen in the graph we showed earlier in the thread, where a recent update revitalized the game and increased the number of players in it - an increase we are still seeing today.

    The Final Decision

    Faced with a game that is no longer played and in dire need of extra space on the game menu, we reviewed those solutions. We had thought of it all, and the Removal of SkyClash was the final option. It makes sense to us, and in the long run, we know it will make sense to you too. SkyClash was not only the least played game on the whole server, but it also was in a position where it could not easily be moved. As such, we decided to let it go. It will forever be fondly remembered.

    This leaves us with one important question that has been on everyone's lips (or keyboards, at least).
    What do we do with SkyClash achievements?

    Where do we put SkyClash Achievements?

    This has been a concern for everyone, and I will explain why. On the Hypixel Server, as some of you may be aware, there are a lot of players who will consider themselves Achievement Hunters. These players will go out of their way to try and complete every achievement in the book.

    Removing SkyClash causes a situation where some achievements are no longer available. Without making any changes to the current system, this means that newer players are at a disadvantage when comparing their achievement points with veteran SkyClash players. This also causes a situation where it is no longer possible to get 100%. Obviously, a change is required.

    What are our options?

    Some players believe we should simply remove SkyClash achievement, do away with them. We do not feel that this would be fair to the players who put hundreds and thousands of hours in SkyClash. This is definitely not a good solution.

    Other players believe we should just leave them there, but again, that brings the balance problem for new players.

    We talked about it, and reviewed everyone's opinions and came up with this solution.

    Legacy Achievements

    Following the removal of SkyClash, we will be rolling the Legacy Achievements menu. This menu will hit 2 birds with one stone - it will contain every achievement that can no longer be obtained on the network. This includes SkyClash, as well as any seasonal achievements from previous years that can no longer be obtained. It will only show you the achievements you have earned, not achievements you do not have. This should help the inner completionist; no longer will we feel like there is so much we could have done that we can't anymore.

    Along with the menu, an extra feature will appear on your achievement overview.

    Legacy achievement points will no longer be counted in your total achievements and completion percentage, but will forever be displayed alongside it. This way, you can still show off how many achievements you completed before they were removed, and actual progression to 100% will be possible again.

    As for leaderboards, the main achievement leaderboards will use the new total without unobtainable achievements. This will ensure the leaderboard remains a fair challenge for veteran and new players at all times.

    Do note that, again, these achievement changes will happen on the day we remove SkyClash, which at this time is stated to be this coming Monday.

    Finally, there is one more thing we'd like to address.

    If SkyClash was removed, does this mean other games will be removed?

    The short answer is no. As of right now, we definitely have no plans to remove other games. As explained in this post, SkyClash was in a position where it needed to be moved off the game menu and did not fit in the Classic Games menu. Furthermore, SkyClash was in a special situation where it was barely even played at all. At the time of writing this post, no other games are in that position. Should another game end up in a similar state, we might have to take that decision again, however, we are not foreseeing this happening for quite some time.
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  2. Glad this has been addressed. The changes to achievements are exactly what I hoped you would do. Thank you.

    Side note: I'm generally fine with you guys archiving games to Legacy if that's what it takes to keep the server and business healthy, but I hope you will have learned to be more open about it next time. Even though I don't care about SkyClash, the way you guys went about announcing its removal absolutely came across as secretive and underhanded. Honesty - immediate honesty! - is always the best policy, Hypixel staff team.
    Last edited: May 2, 2019
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  3. Velt

    Velt Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the clarification, you just made the both of best worlds for both sides and I really appreciate you hearing us out, this is very very nice of you to listen to us and clarify more about the legacy achievements AND why you don't move it to Classic or anything else.
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  4. MagicAkk

    MagicAkk Well-Known Member

    Finally some actual clarification, thanks don
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  5. Robin

    Robin Well-Known Member

    oops BIGNUTS

    :crab: REMOVE :crab: SKYCLASH :crab:
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  6. Thanks for giving us more information on this.
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  7. iEric

    iEric Well-Known Member

    thorn v2 THRON
    Thank you for assessing this.

    I’m glad Legacy Achievements don’t account for regular AP anymore. That way it’s more fair.
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  8. Thank you guys for actually clarifying your reasoning and putting down any concerns of other games being removed.

    Edit - Please actually put CW on the default menu as there are overlapping games (with the highlighted games menu above it)
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  9. peehi

    peehi Well-Known Member

    The Bloodlust BLOOD
    Finally some good news

    edit: OMG speed uhc has more players than WL im so happy
    Last edited: May 2, 2019
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  10. AssassinJoy25

    AssassinJoy25 Well-Known Member

    Well, at least this has been addressed. Thanks, for letting us know and your massage.
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  11. Wait wait, if the classic lobby is for games what made hypixel, why is tkr there and not games like mega walls and bsg? Your reasoning is flawed and your decision is still very poor. Very poor taste hypixel
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  12. is this a joke? everyone is saying the update ruined it we ask for a new update since the last one ruined the game
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  13. Velt

    Velt Well-Known Member

    Did you read the thread?
    Even bad updates still attracted more players and it all comes down to an opinion, doesn't it?
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  14. A more fun idea would be to remove all Skyclash Achievements but replace them with items, like new rare cosmetics that can never be achieved again, and players cans how them off in lobbies.

    However it's good that you made a solution! :)

    Edit: Ok I get it you guys disagree
    Edit X2: I get you disagree, I got 10 disagrees stop spamming me aaaaaaa
    Edit X3: People after this who rate this disagree are just doing it to annoy me.
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
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  15. Velt

    Velt Well-Known Member

    People earned the Skyclash achievements for achievement points and completion, not cosmetics.
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  16. t
    they might of attracted more players but they made the orginial ones leave/not like the game anymore? also almost no one joined since that update, ap hunting wasn't as famous as now so not a lot of people played it for new ap they added
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  17. Yeah, but at the time they were doing that the game wasn't expected to be removed.
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  18. Transparency from the start would have saved a lot of backlash and confusion. Thank you for the update.
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  19. Coolkidz32

    Coolkidz32 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the update!
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  20. nolying

    nolying Well-Known Member

    Yeah, thanks for addressing, hopefully this clears things up now
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