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  1. I see people using this mod and I cant find Chroma pixel mod anyone know were I can get it
  2. It's not allowed. Please tell those people that they are not allowed to use it.

    Please close this thread @Gerbor12
    (see @kevinkool's profile)
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  3. ChromaPixel is a disallowed mod since it displays information that gives an advantage. The download was removed from the forums and you can't get it anymore. If you know someone who is using it then please tell them to remove it, thanks.
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  4. UPDATE: NEW versions of ChromaPixel are allowed, but old versions are not. The disallowed parts of the mod were removed. Posting this here since I noticed people are still reading my post. Pm me if you're curious what exactly isn't allowed, but it's best just to update to the latest version and you'll be fine.
    The thread has been removed due to the mod having illegal features. I'm getting many players asking me for a download to the mod, so I am updating this post. I suggest trying "Picklr" or HudPixel instead as they have similar features.
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