1. Hey are we going to have the Christmas Present Hunt again this year? I hope so...I really liked it. Wish we would have more like it throughout the year....other holidays, etc.
  2. Most likely, yes. Just check the Hypixel twitter or the announcements section and see.
  3. I think to many would spoil the fun of it... when it only happens two to three times a year it feels like something special when you find everything. If you have these things more often it would become a habit and thus not do fun in my opinion.

    But yeah, I too hope there is a present hunting thing for christmas this year.
  4. Good idea...I'll do that!:)
  5. lopen

    lopen Well-Known Member

    Maybe a third one can't hurt.
    Halloween, Christmas and ehm maybeeee ehmmmm Valentines day? Or ehmmmm april 28th(Hypixel Network Anniversary)??
    Idk, just thinking out loud here.

    I agree, too many will ruin the vibe, but 1 more can't hurt :)
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  6. Agree. If they were to add more though, I feel they should at least switch up the objectives and what you have to do, to keep it interesting.

  7. Incendo

    Incendo Well-Known Member

    Hopefully just check the twitter
  8. DeadAccountDoneWithMC

    DeadAccountDoneWithMC Well-Known Member

    probs the grinch one again

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