1. I'm pretty sure most of the SkyWars players can admit that there's way too much cheaters that ruin all the fun, the anticheat isn't the "best" so maybe try to improve it somehow? In the last 2 days days I have reported over 18 cheaters in just SW (Solo/doubles/ranked mostly).

    Anyways I'm really happy the staff team takes care of the server and bans most of the cheaters in a short period of time!
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  2. they are working to improve the anticheat soon (assuming they actually will unlike some of their other promises)
  3. Great to know :)
  4. if anti-cheat is really decent why woul you improve it, and its not that decent if you see fly hackers just 1/5 games in solo
  5. Well, true.
  6. Yeah, its kinda made me mad recently. Its annoying and hypixel probally won't do anything about it because they're to busy probally updating skyblock or something like that. Love the gamemode but i feel like the rise of skyblock will be the fall of other hypixel gamemodes.
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  7. xine

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    Yes, every fourth game I had yesterday had a bhopper/flying player, and it's even more common in ranked skywars.
    Now I know this isn't new but it's been increasing a lot since a while ago.

    When the watchdog update comes they'll have to either make the instant bans or faster waves at this point...
  8. The “waves” either don’t exist or are really quick. Anyways they aren’t the reason why hackers don’t get banned
  9. That tweet was almost two months ago so yikes
  10. The tweet said it will come in 2020 and there was another a week or 2 ago saying they opened new spots for watchdog devs
  11. In uhc i usually report more than 18 in one hour...
  12. That means you either died before pvp or you encounter 10-15 cheaters per game
  13. Its rly possible to report 6 ppl each game in 3 games tho.
  14. That means you fight 6 people in 5 minutes , every single one of them cheating (60/3 = 20, 5 minutes waiting time and 10 grace period)

    Still seems like an exaggeration
  15. They’re getting 3 new devs though.
  16. Dyc_e

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    I lava'd a hacker twice in the same round even though my a and s key is broken on my laptop XD
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  17. They just posted one like 30 minutes ago
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