1. ToxicSweat

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    Skyblock is like the favourite child of the network. We all love it, but we all hate it at the same time...
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  3. Neomc2restoner

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    i think the new rules are balanced and understadable but i think the skyblock team should focus on more of the trading part[expale like add the price that it usually sells for in the account like when you shift on it] etc. and try to make the game a bit esier for starters soo they dont have problems at start aqnd 1 thing i disagree is the afk thing i think its okay but if it causes lag isssues i think it unederstadable -PikachuCY
  4. I'd assume so as it is part of the game, not a third party tool. Otherwise they'd attach an activity sensor to the ability.
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  5. Well it looks like you guys CAN add new rule sections to the forums. Looking forward to the actual forum rules soon. unless you have some other stupid excuse...?
  6. read the rules again
  7. Good to see the admins have our backs ;)
  8. Thank god
  9. EVERYONE: *scared of being hacked and losing half a year of progress*
    EVERYONE: "pls add 2fa so we can be secure, even during data breaches etc"
    HYPIXEL: "ahctually 2fa would make it EASIER for hackers to hack you!!"
    EVERYONE: "w-what?"
    HYPIXEL: "yehp! also make sure you have a good password and don't share it with ANYBODY! because THATS the only way hackers can hack you! if you give them your password!!!!"
    EVERYONE: *:facepalm:*

    on a serious note though, ty for finally adding rules, this has been looooong overdue, but really, your 2fa excuses are lacking, just do it already, or admit you don't want to take the time and effort to do it, but don't make bs excuses like "2fa makes u easier to be hacked", and yes, I know its not your job to secure everyone's Minecraft accounts, but its obvious Microsoft/Mojang wont do it, and someone has to, so obviously the next person in line would be, of course, you, Hypixel.
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  10. hello mynetrix
  11. wat about Skyblock addons? is that allowed
  12. Perfect! Now we just need forum rules :)
  13. i mean........ in thirty virus' streams and video you can see members of your guild asking to boost auctions and profiles LOL
  14. about time
  15. Can I report who has scammed me in the past? Or are these rules a sort of "starting from now on" - which I would say is sort of fair due to there being no rules previously on certain types of scamming. Just want to know if I can get someone punished for scamming before this post was made xD
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  16. This is nice and all but are you guys gonna ever fix the farming minions? They have been broken for over THREE days at this point and aren't producing anything. The economy for coco beans and nether warts are in flames right now due to this, thanks guys ;-;
  17. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member

    The Iceberg PUFFLE
    Finally, rules are out officially for skyblock
  18. like a macro or a weight on your mouse
  19. TopKaps

    TopKaps Well-Known Member

    Robeats RBT
    "as long as there is no use of 3rd party items"

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