1. Why can't 2fa just be an optional thing? Being a very rich player on skyblock scares me due to hacking groups that target rich players, 2fa would be great, it doesn't have to be enforced . ...
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  2. In the meantime you can use this and change the number at the end: https://hypixel.net/skyblock-rules/#rule-3
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  4. Most accounts are stolen by "social engineering" aka asking for the password (in creative ways like "give me your password and I will give you 1337 enchanted diamond blocks"), so if you're using a strong password for your account as described in the first post, and preferably saving it in a password manager program, you are ABSOLUTELY safe.
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  5. When Cant use profile boosting.
    I think Hypixel skyblock player online will lose 75% :D
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  6. R.I.P fpf
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  7. aren't all these rules common sense though?
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  8. Took long enough for an official statement on the rules. Good work; better late than never.
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  9. DirectorLJ

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  10. Thank you for enforcing new rules in SkyBlock to keep it running well. :)
  11. Finally we have rules for Skyblock. Now we need forum rules
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  12. can i get some poggers in chat????
  13. We must enforce communist belifes upon the community of SkyBlock.
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  14. Spelunkain

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    @ShaunMack why disagree with adsaip are you a libtard ?
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  15. Sweet!! c:
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  16. Finally, rules in SkyBlock. These rules are going to help a lot the community of SkyBlock. We’re glad that we have so awesome people - staff - working for us everyday. Keep up the good work! :)
  17. Finally a rule list
  18. Finally!

    sad to see that 2fa won’t ever be implemented, but having updated rules is amazing nonetheless
  19. Vipervangs

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    Not sure what this really added, I guess its good we have an official post on rules (should have been posted day 1 of skyblock?)

    The gamemode needs an update fairly badly, it would have been nice to know what kind of content has been created by devs for the month of January and a reasonable time table for the next content update and/or dungeons.

    A monthly devblog for this game would be nice, have the community contribute feedback before you guys push content out.
  20. Quack444

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    I don't think I've ever been this excited to read rules!
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