1. Long enough, so now go and ban players that use autoclickers on hubs, you will see plenty of them already ;)
  2. Sadly, but nope. There is no way to get it back, as you left the island.
  3. DarQ_Massacres

    glad to see that this has finally come up however there is still issues of clarity, for example how far is "exploiting" considered?
    is using unstable armor/vamp mask on private islands acceptable afk?
    are things like the slime hat glitch an exploit that is too far?

    while having these rules in place is helpful, it would be nice to have some way to see if specific things are against the rules and if they are bannable.
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  4. Still no official information on whether or not irl trading is bannable. Oops.
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  5. read the hypixel rules lol
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  6. WhatsCPS

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    I don't see why you can't just use Google AUTH or use a system where is a player logs in from a new IP they need to type in a password or something. Both would stop people's accounts from getting compromised on Skyblock and be easy to implement. You legit have a 2FA system on the forums...
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  7. Ok, thank you for clarifying the rules but will you actually be enforcing them now? You’ve already laid out a set of rules and yet people break them every day with no consequence.
  8. aiwi

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    I understand your concerns, and do think that if possible that would be a great idea for security. But unfortunately, as stated in the main post, this is not easily possible. For example, if your account were to be compromised without you setting this code, it gives the hacker the ability to completely lock you out, if they were to set that code themselves. This would be a nightmare for our support to deal with and is ultimately not worth the trouble.

    Additionally, people may forget their codes or type something incorrectly which again increases the amount of issues we have to deal with. All of this together makes it incredibly difficult for us to implement, especially without having a simple way to verify who the "actual" account holder is.

    I know that your suggestion does have good intentions behind it, but in reality it is a much more difficult problem that at this time we are not able to implement. For more information, you may want to refer to this post by Plancke:
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  9. thank you hypixel, very cool!
  10. soo if i trade me E redstone and E glowstone vom Profil 1 to Profile 2 i can get banned for it or not? xD
  11. [​IMG]

    Clicking one of these titles takes you to the main rule page. This needs to be fixed so minimods like myself can link players to specific parts of the skyblock rules (and so people don't get lost). Pretty simple to edit the meta to the correct anchor point.
  12. Gogeta

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    It's saddening that people need to be reminded of it.
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  14. o ok ty hypickel
  15. Was about time, thank you!
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  16. Yayaaa can't wait for more sb updates
  17. Finally
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  18. w h e r e

    do you mean the one in account security? if yes then wow that is really unclear
  19. Now y'all need to catch up with the 7 months of scammers that have been reported and y'all are set.
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