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  1. Whenever the dreams mode is castle
    the weekly quest for it is ridiculous.

    Winning 10 games of castle would take yeeeeeeeeeeears
    every game of castle usually last up to around 40 minutes unless you have a full sweat team

    assuming you win every game this quest would take somewhere in between
    5 and 6 1/2 hours
    and that's assuming you win every game
    and that ain't happening because you winning castle or not is mostly decided by a coin flip
    so an average player could spend upwards of 8-10 hours assuming they win every other game

    now your probs thinking:
    "Why don't you just get 40 good friends and clean the games up in 10-20 mins"
    the game splits up your party so that won't work

    "why don't you just get good"
    unless you break all 3 beds on your own you have to rely somewhat on your teammates
    and randoms will ALWAYS fail you

    so i suggest maybe whenever the dreams mode is castle
    the weekly quest is either "Win 5 games of Castle" or "Get 100 Final kills in Castle"
    imo this is a lot more manageable and way less tedious.
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  2. I, too, think that compared to questing for Rush/Ultimates, Castle can take 3x as long or even longer, and it's ridiculous.
    I think they should diminish the number of wins you need for Castle to anywhere from 5-7.
  3. i get the 25 beds and rush/ultimate weekly quests in about 30 minutes lol

    and even if i did win 10 games of castle
    who genuinely likes to play castle?
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  4. Well, I guess it's nice to play with a big party (assuming you have friends).
    But in my experience, I always use the same bed-breaking strategy because it's so accessible and useful that there's not a lot of variety in gameplay.
  5. 100% agree
    If you don't do castle the night it resets or the morning after when the sweat parties are going around, you basically have to spend countless hours doing the quest. It's extremely frustrating and can be rage inducing for a lot of people.
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  6. Boosters.
  7. agree
  8. I think castle in itself is too big of a game to get anything done. A 20v20 mode would be better as there are still a lot of players but the games go quicker
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  9. It's a weekly quest for a reason. In theory a weekly system should take you a few days to complete in time for the next week of quests. I don't think there's an issue with it and it takes me a couple of hours every 3 days to do even if the party is only around 5 players. Besides, you get about 400-600 exp for winning one castle game anyway. win win! :p
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  10. Thats why that weekly quest has been sitting there 2/10 since they released castle again. Castle is fun but not that fun XD
  11. why should one weekly quest take 30 minutes: "destroy 25 bed"
    and another take 8 hours?
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  12. "In theory"
  13. The 25 bed quest can be done is 7 games of solo (less if you're lucky). If you win all of those games and each game takes 4-6 minutes, that's 28-42 minutes.
  14. syiu

    syiu Active Member

    Escapade SAIL
    the party doesnt get split LOL
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  15. It usually does. You can prevent splitting, but it like actually takes effort.
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  16. syiu

    syiu Active Member

    Escapade SAIL
    Only if one of your party members leaves the game, Then you get split
  17. *cough cough* AuraOfKraken/FreakyAura *cough cough*
  18. If you're paying attention, you can still prevent splitting.
  19. I agree.
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