Should triples be fixed or removed?

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  1. I'm not that passionate about this post, but hear me out.

    Triples is kind of awkward; it has only four teams rather than 8, yet it removes a player from each team. This leaves it as simply an easier win alternative to 4v4v4v4(Quads), as it adds nothing new gameplay-wise except for boasting fewer players than Quads.

    I have two radical suggestions to freshen-up/fix Triples:

    1. CHANGE IT - To set triples apart from the other gamemodes, it should include more teams. At this moment, triples is a weak mimic of quads due to player count. If the amount of teams per game were to raise to 5 or 6, it would put triples in a nice spot between a large/small amount of teams/players.

    2. REMOVE IT - There is really no need for triples, as it is just a watered down version of quads. The main appeal of triples is that a.) it exists, and b.) there are 3 people per team. If triples were to be removed, players would either join quads games or move on to other bedwars modes, such as singles. Also, the higher server capacity of quads would cause a net decrease in the number of mini-servers needed on Hypixel.

    Partly inspired by @Setrci
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
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  2. JAMtheWither

    JAMtheWither Well-Known Member

    no, 3v3v3v3 is decent gamemode because of the lowered amount of tryhards.
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  3. Sometimes people can only play with 2 other friends and 3s is the best option.
    Its not fun to play 4s and carry a rando and worse if he quits midgame and you are down 1 player.

    Plus especially when a rush party of 4 versus a rush party of 3 I don't think the rush party of 3 will stand a chance.
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  4. According to your logic, I could say that fours is just a larger version of 3s. If 4s were removed, people would just play 3s with smaller parties. There really isn't a point in removing threes.
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  5. Just name is 3s and 4s noone says quads or triples
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  6. And so what are we gaining from removing it? nothing? ok bye
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  7. MasterDogee

    MasterDogee Well-Known Member

    so we remove doubles too? lol 3s is for people who don’t like 4v1ing and only need 3 ppl to kill and play with (note: is more fun because of this)
  8. Poeple play 3v3 when they have a party of 3
  9. Yunmall

    Yunmall Active Member

  10. There's no point in keeping it either.
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  11. just get a party of 4 then
    problem solved
  12. You could remove 4s too, but the reason I chose the removal of 3s was because it overall contains less players, and is more underwhelming than 4s.
  13. Thank you kind sir, your post is well appreciated.
  14. doubles is unique because it has 8 teams, rather than 4 like 3s and 4s. Also, doubles "doubles" the amount of players from singles, making it ideal for small teams or higher kill games. Solos is the only current gamemode that allows a completely solo experience, which is its appeal.
    3s and 4s are basically clones other than the different number of players. I suggested that 3s should have an increased number of teams in order to give it a unique edge from 4s.
    In all bedwars types, you could find yourself in a 4v1 situation. Even in 3s, a 4v1 can occur with just one player from an opposing team happening to fight you at the same time as a full team.
  15. Aand what about all the people on the 3s leaderboards who have spent hours grinding away wins??

    Cough cough OoSky cough cough
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  16. Timekey

    Timekey Member


    This is a dumb idea, its like saying, "REMOVE SOLO BECAUSE IT IS A COPY OF DOUBLES" it makes no sense!
  17. just don't play it then lol don't come to the forums complaining about it
  18. Tackky

    Tackky Well-Known Member

    Don’t you care about all the people that grinded 3s for leaderboards?
  19. Tackky

    Tackky Well-Known Member

    [QUOTE="Weegeefilms, post: 13199961, member: 222635"][/QUOTE]You expect me to read the whole thread again?
  20. From what I've seen, a lot of you guys have just been talking about my suggestion to remove the gamemode.
    Because of this, I've changed the way the post is structured so removal isn't the first option.
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