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  1. Murder mystery is really fun, But it's more fun with group of friends or even guild parties. So I will be presenting.

    Challenge mode.

    This will be based of mega walls Challenge mode.

    You need a 9+ player party to order to play Challenge mode.

    Achievement, Coins, Quests will be disabled.

    About the mode:
    You need 9+ players to join Challenge mode. Achievement, Coins, Quests and other stuff will be disabled (beside cosmetics) Once upon joining Challenge mode, it will sent you to a haunted looking mansion.

    This is where the voting starts!

    You have the option to let the party vote (and you too) or just by you.

    There is

    Choose the amount of murder chosen, Up to 5 (Can be changed)

    Choose the amount of Detective chosen, Up to 5 (Can be changed)

    Choose how long the game timer is.

    Choose a potion effect, Blindness, Slowness etc to innocent, detective and murder as well.

    And other possible options!

    This is all for my idea. If this idea goes really well, I will update it with screenshots and more detail.
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  2. Sure, why not. Sounds fun. Sort of like mega walls challenge mode, but nice!
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  4. lopen

    lopen Well-Known Member

    CowSquad COW✪SQD
    Sounds cool!
    Definetly needs some fine tuning, but the idea sounds like music to my ears
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  5. Seems really cool ^0^
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  6. Thanks! Glad you like it!
    Thanks! Glad you like it! :D
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  7. _nurd

    _nurd Well-Known Member

    Quacking ✧QUACK✧
    me like
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  8. I'm gonna die if this gets added.
  9. Maybe when the game is a little bit older.
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  10. Little bump
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  12. Sounds fun, +1
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  13. Like most ideas, it would be a nice addition but I don't think customized games such as this will not be implemented.

    I don't have much else to say as I'm not confident in this idea, sorry.
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  14. An interesting idea, but I don't think it'd get added that quickly.
    Might be nice for a future update tho.
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  15. I don't if it takes years to get added lol, Many more ideas to come!

    (hope I don't main mm ;-; )

    Glad you think it's interesting! :D
    Glad you think its nice! :D
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  16. Omnic

    Omnic Well-Known Member

    yes good idea yes custom ideas are great like elections
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  17. ok.
  18. Would be nice to choose the weather (sunny/rainy/stormy), the map (any from map selector) and the time (daytime, nighttime, evening)

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