1. Yo yo yo!
    We've been working some more on improving Capture the Wool, most of these were based off your suggestions and feedback, so keep it coming!
    • Added settings to the join NPC. This allows for example toggling the tutorial book.
    • Added ranking to some stats in the join NPC.
    • The wool on top of a wool room now disappears when that wool is captured.
    • All items (except colored wool) do now stack when they're dropped.
    • Started tracking wins, draws and losses, but with conditions (so mid-game joining does not skew statistics a lot).
    • Arrows now fly through teammates.
    • Changed more wool near the wool rooms to the color of the wool that it contains. Previously there was the color of the team being used, making it a bit more confusing.
    • Added a water bucket to the shop, which can be purchased for 50 gold. (The water does not spread.)
    • Improved the scoreboard even more. Your own team is now always listed first and the wool indiciations / statuses have been improved to better show if they're negative or positive.
    • Changed the color of some wools so they don't match with the team colors.
    • With this patch now the v0.2 update for it is complete!
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  2. MrMineman2009

    MrMineman2009 New Member


    Thanks for this great update. You’re the best :)

    - MrMineman2009
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  3. VeilStar

    VeilStar Member

    Settings are much appreciated. I can now watch and laugh as my entire team moves and then stops while I don't. Oh, and hotbar customization, woohoo! Speaking of hotbar customization, the bow from the wool room doesn't respect the setting for the bow slot you've set.

    Edit: Also, the diamond chestplate from the wool room loses durability while all other armor pieces don't. Not sure if intended, or just a client-side desync. Didn't have time to check yet.

    Edit 2: And getting a golden apple from a kill resets your eating. Quite annoying, but probably not fixable, unless you guys have any ideas that wouldn't also break stacking.
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  4. Awesome, going to add info to my guide :)
  5. Great update!

    By the way, when will community map submission become available? (I have an idea or two)
  6. what about map making?
  7. what about crafting, shouldn't that be disabled?
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  8. Crafting is a key part to defenses
  9. What about water... it was already in the game
  10. where's changelog for 0.3
  11. I think crafting might've been put in on purpose
  12. FunMiner8

    FunMiner8 Active Member

    This is my idea for a new item to be sold in the CTW game!
    Cost: 65 Gold
    Knockback 1 Stick

    It's costly so it doesn't get overused
    and its a stick not a wooden sword for the same reason
  13. .

    Wood still does not stack. Please fix <3
  14. Hey, I understand that you may not consider this much before denying it, but I just want to mention that there is a discord full of Capture the Wool players, and we do have a suggestions box for future updates. The discord features many players (mostly leaderboard players) that are pulling away from the game due to no addition of maps. The suggestions box is filled with many ideas, and are reacted to by a large portion of the people in the discord. If you are interested, we would love to have you! You can add me at Conforms#2634 and I will send you an invite.

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