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    Hello, hellou, hellououou!

    We've released v0.3 of Capture The Wool, join it by doing /lobby ctw and clicking the NPC! Compared to the previous updates (final part of v0.2), this one has bigger gameplay changes and we've implemented some of the most-requested features. Read on to find out more.

    Community Map: Manhattan Showdown
    A week ago, we opened up Community Map Submissions and we were not hesitant to accept one of them to get it ready for you to play on! The impressive map you see in the image above was built by @Averine (post), go and give them some kind words!

    Breakable Map
    One of the most requested changes was being able to break parts of the maps to allow for stronger and more creative defenses. In the above picture, you see how the map looks when mined completely. This means everyone now spawns with an Iron Pickaxe and the Builder kit contains a Diamond Pickaxe.

    Now that the map is breakable, on average, games should last longer, but it may sometimes feel extremely hard to capture the wool due to very advanced defensive structures. We want rushers to always have hope even after multiple fails, so this is where perks come into play. Perks are very expensive purchases that will last for the rest of the game. There are perks for every playstyle, but they should mostly help with rushing. You can find them in the Shopkeeper in game.

    These are the perks that are currently available:
    The Heist
    Every time you pick up a wool, you gain +4% walk speed with a maximum of 20%.

    The Last Stand
    Your walk speed increases by 10% when near an enemy woolholder.

    Killing a woolholder increases your damage towards woolholders by 3%, with a maximum of 15%.

    You gain Haste II near enemy woolrooms.

    You gain Resistance I when you have enemy wool.​

    Quality Of Life Changes
    • The scoreboard header / title is now in the color of your team.
    • The shopkeepers have been moved so new players are more likely to notice them, even on game start.
    • Water from water buckets now flows downwards (not horizontally) to allow for better defenses or dropping down from skybridges safely.
    • Fixed leaderboards showing N/A for a player's personal position.
    • We extended the area in which you can place blocks in a bit towards spawn in form of a staircase (image). This will reduce the impact it has when someone decides to try to block off their own team's spawn.
    • We also added tips: Every minute a random tip will show in chat, with useful information. Over time we are going to add more and more tips, so please let us know if you have any tip suggestions! If you do to not want to receive the tips, use the settings menu in the lobby NPC to disable them.
    • You are now able to craft Chests.
    • Each team now has chests in their base that cannot be broken.
    • Changed the color from the green wool to dark green, to better fit the name.

    • Reduced the price of the water bucket to 30g.
    • Reduced the price of the fishing rod to 25 gold.
    • Reduced starter arrows from 24 to 20.
    • You receive 20 gold if you get close to an enemy wool room. This works per woolroom, so you can get up to 40 gold per life.
    • Fall damage has been further reduced by 10%.

    Thanks a lot for your feedback in the CTW forums!

    Fun fact: On average, every 20 seconds a wool is captured somewhere on the network!
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  2. maybe ill give it a try
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  3. Jackoetta

    Jackoetta Well-Known Member

    Welcome back to another video in oh Jayaverman and OrangeMarshall's lovely Capture The Wool, in today's episode we will be capturing some wool and buying perks!

    In all seriousness, lovely update. However the prices of perks should be changed to 175 in my opinion due to it's hard to get 200 gold and buy a kit with extra stuff.
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  4. TipDS

    TipDS Well-Known Member

    Sounds great! Wish I could play it right now but I’m at my dads and I get trash ping here. I’ll definitely play it tomorrow though!
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  5. Nice Update! Hype!
  6. Kolton12O

    Kolton12O Well-Known Member

    Noice update!
  7. I want my arrows back... and the punch bow
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  8. First page
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  9. Jesus its already in 0.3?
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  10. Ambivert

    Ambivert Well-Known Member

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  11. jpleb

    jpleb Well-Known Member

  12. Update looks awesome, Nice one!
  13. Its an ok game, cool update tho
  14. yay
  15. lopen

    lopen Well-Known Member

    CowSquad COWSQD

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