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    Hello everyone!

    Today we are releasing a new game in the Prototype Lobby - Capture The Wool!
    Capture the Wool gamemodes are very popular and fun games in the Minecraft community and we wanted to make our own version of the mode, we really hope you'll enjoy it!

    The Game
    If you are not familiar with Capture the Wool modes, they are very intense team PvP games where a player of either team has to steal a Wool from the enemy side and bring it back to their own base in order to capture it.

    Each team defends 2 different Wools located on each side of their base.
    Those Wool Houses are protected areas where only enemy team members can enter. There, they can find the Wool Fountain and grab as many Wools as they want. But now comes the hard part, making it back to base!

    Kits and Shopkeeper
    During the game, players can earn gold by killing the other team and capturing wools. Gold can be used to purchase Kits and items, which are lost on death.

    Kits and Shopkeepers are located in front of the base.

    Whether you like to rush the enemy Wool, defend yours or brawl, those options are available during the game. Strategize and fight your way to victory!

    Play with your friends!

    Upon clicking on the lobby NPC in the Prototype lobby, we show you every game where your friends are playing so you can join them!

    Capture The Wool games are ongoing. Players will most of the time be joining games already in progress and everyone in that game will automatically be queued into another game when it ends.

    Developer Note [ Why ongoing games?
    CTW games can be short, but they can also be very long. From experience, we know that team games can be ruined when too many players leave during that game, having players join at all times makes all games fair until the end.
    Also in CTW, games are never over. Any team can clutch a victory! So even if you join late, the fate of the game is still in your hands!]

    Please give us your feedback! Over the next few weeks, we will try our best to improve this gamemode with the help of the community. :)

    Have fun and good luck!
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  2. Hype!
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  3. Kewl
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  4. Seems interesting (I thought it said Wood Hunt).
    EDIT: The game looks like Capture the Flag and the Bridge combined. Honestly, this may be a good game, but I'm skeptical.
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  5. WAGamer

    WAGamer Well-Known Member

    ISoup ISOUP

    y tho

    Edit: why is this getting so many ratings? Is this just what people do to posts that are early?
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  6. BlueHeal

    BlueHeal Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    yes, i like playing minecraft thanks
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  7. demeese

    demeese Well-Known Member

    another new game, no updates yay
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  8. looks boring and GG add more games to split a dying community
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  9. Seems good. Can't wait to try it out. :p
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  10. This seems interesting! :)
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  11. I enjoy collecting wool
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  12. Very interesting :eek:
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  13. why
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  14. ySergio

    ySergio Well-Known Member

    Guild Master
    Yes! New games are always welcome :p
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  15. Diagonic

    Diagonic Well-Known Member

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  16. Arcanxm

    Arcanxm Well-Known Member

    MyGeeks GEEKS
    hypixel hype squad
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  17. You should add this feature to warlords.
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  18. ImWolf85

    ImWolf85 Well-Known Member

    I mean it looks fun. And I'll be giving it a fair chance. But if this goes down the Bedwars cosmetic route again I won't be interested at all.
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