1. I searched for ages but the only 4v4 stats I could find were tourney bedwars two four stats. I can't see them in-game either at the NPC. Are they not kept track of at all?

    This player named enalala has a 897 winstreak in bedwars but much lower winstreaks in each of the four usual bedwars modes. It looks like they are using 4v4 to get a high overall winstreak, which I want to prove but I can't because well, the stats don't exist for it.
  2. The field you are looking for should be:
    You can add the individual stats you are looking for after "two_four", e.g. "two_four_kills_bedwars".

    Edit: If a field doesn't exist, that usually means it is null, so the player might have not played that specific game mode.
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  3. I checked enalala's stats through the api, and on all bedwars modes combined he didn't have 900 winstreak, but his overall winstreak is 900. The only stat that didn't exist is 4v4 bedwars, which I couldn't find.

    It just doesn't exist, I looked for it, you can check their stats too, it's not there.

    And I can't find my own 4v4 mode stats either, not a single one of them except for the 4v4 tourney ones. I know I've played 4v4 so that can't be right.
  4. Hmm, you might wanna open an issue on the Hypixel API Github repo if you are sure your profile is missing values.

    I have checked with gamerboy80 as an example player and he had all the values for two_four Bedwars.
  5. Maybe they were using Capture 4v4 to get high ws, but since it got removed its api got removed as well
    And for the 4v4 missing one, it could be just he didn't play 4v4 before
  6. Plancke.io doesn't have them I don't think but ik how to view them in the api

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