1. Title asks above, but here's my situation:

    I just received a private message over Discord from a user who messaged me in order to sell skyblock coins for real money. That user also has his Discord account linked to his Minecraft IGN. Can the messages the seller sent to me over Discord be reported using Hypixel reports? Not sure if it's also against Discord ToS, but can this also be reported to Discord?
  2. I think you could report it to Discord, but Hypixel can't do anything unless you're on their Discord server specifically.
  3. TheElasticTuba

    TheElasticTuba Well-Known Member

    I’m not sure if Hypixel can do much as it’s outside of Hypixel, but you should contact Discord. Also, for future reference, I recommend changing your privacy settings on discord so that only friends can send you messages.

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