1. Lenzyte

    Lenzyte New Member

    heres the link lol you will love it and sub to my channel plz :
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  2. ... its ok
  3. I recommend deleting this post and re-posting in the YouTube Showcase sub-forum.
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  4. Lenzyte

    Lenzyte New Member

  5. Nico as in NotNico? So?
  6. So you played with the YouTuber that only gained fame from skeppy? The one who makes every video clickbait?
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  7. I disliked the video simply because you posted this thread in hypixel discussion. Your welcome.
  9. NotNico isn’t even a good youtuber. He just clickbaited his way to getting buddy buddy with skeppy. IMO his videos are trash.
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  10. very mediocore video
  11. Please move this thread to Youtube Showcase Room.

    There is a specific category for this.
    next time please post your youtube channel/video in the right category.
  12. Its been up for awhile idk why mods have yet to move it. My bad memes get moved so fast so wtf is up with that xD.
  13. Sans

    Sans Well-Known Member

    Welp that video was awful
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  14. Ewewew

    You have better things to do, stop clickbaiting and do something better in yur life lmao

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