1. I've seen SO MANY THREADS about "This game is broken", "this game has pathetic balancing", "the devs cant do anything right" and stop a bit to think the amount of work they're putting into this game? They are spending their time for our fun

    "THIS MODE ISNT FUN SHUT UP YOURE WRONG!!!" Then stop playing, simple as that

    If any of the builders / devs are reading this: Thank you very much for all your hard work

    y is this getting so much attention wtf
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  2. If you are talking about vamp mask outrage, then i think that ppl are absolutely allowed to complain..

    It took admins several months to fix. They knew about it, they did nothing. Now, once again, only few of the chosen ones got to "enjoy" it, making the game extremely disbalanced. I mean if someones a new player and after some time they decide to max out skills, then dont even do it..
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  3. HotMilkChocolate

    HotMilkChocolate Active Member

    to the devs
    I appreciate all you have done
    you spent all day working on fixing that emergency dupe bug and you stayed up for hours, then you spend time just making sure we're ok and have fun
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  4. Most recent games have developers that communicate with the community. This isn't one of them
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  5. Therefore it's a sub-game inside an actual game. And not an actual game.
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  6. They are spending time for our money*
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  7. Unliory

    Unliory Well-Known Member

    Nah that's just my thread lol. I got it from the "pathetic balancing" part.
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  8. Unliory

    Unliory Well-Known Member

    First of all, they literally earned over a million dollars just from skyblock players buying ranks so far, so it's not for our fun. If it really was for our fun, they'd be passionate, they'd work 24/7 out of goodwill. (Or how much they want to spend over the job minimum)

    Second of all, developers really did a mistake by rushing the updates without even asking the community. Same happened with fishing update, end update, AND the slayer update. All of the balancing issues could be prevented with community response.

    Last of all, glitches... I don't really know how the glitches happen or anything. But i'm sure they could get over most of them if they gave it enough time. Of course, everyone, including me, wants the updates fast. But it'd be much better if they just pointed out their progress and kept working within our knowledge.
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  9. got a source? im curious
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  10. Unliory

    Unliory Well-Known Member

    Nah, it's just too clear that you'd have to be blind. Every whitelist day, i'd see at least 5-6 players saying "Got rank for joining this"

    Also, if they didn't earn a significant amount, why'd they have most of their developers work on it?
  11. Yeah cuz a million dollars is enough to hire a team of devs (Already a high paying job) 24/7 lmao
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  12. "its just too clear that you'd have to be blind" is about as much evidence for how much they earn as me stepping on dog shit yesterday.

    Skyblock may have numbed you to the concept of a million dollars, but just some quick maths, that means 22,000 people has to buy mvp+ for them to get that much in revenue, for that one month, to have 1 million in monthly revenue. You really think there are 22,000 NEW people buying MVP+ every month, when the entire server has like 60,000 people total? And you really think its all because of skyblock, and not the 6+ years of popular games such as skywars and all the way back to bsg before this?

    I'm not saying it didnt earn a significant amount, its the most popular game, ofc its one of, if not the top earning game in the network. But a million dollars is a number straight out of ur ass.
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  13. wasnt to u, it was from a long time ago from an ender non that "had full superior"
  14. JFan

    JFan Well-Known Member

    Paradise Islands PARA
    Unless Minikloon and the dev team actually put their heart to the game, toxicity towards them won’t stop.
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  15. lavacreeper17

    lavacreeper17 Active Member

    Most of them are volunteers
  16. SuperRedHulk1

    SuperRedHulk1 Well-Known Member

    1. They don’t work hard
    2. They don’t do it for our fun
    3. It’s fun but they kill it themselves
    4. I doubt the put much work into it for how much profit they make
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  17. Agreed, most games get updates 4x slower than skyblock. And balancing is difficult with half of the community on different sides of a big issue
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  18. SuperRedHulk1

    SuperRedHulk1 Well-Known Member

    Most games have 20x less players than skyblock. Plus skyblock is PvE and needs updates. Other games that are PvP are fun and don’t need as frequent updates because each game is unique
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  19. I'd rather have a balanced and fair game than a faster update - crack down on abuse and don't make items that give afk benefits any more, remove the afk benefits on islands and get a better enforcement system.
  20. Lowcode

    Lowcode Active Member

    Rollback RB
    I appreciate the hard work, but the lack of proper GAME DESIGN on the SERVER is sad.

    Slayer and the end update was poorly implemented

    Skywars is full of RNG and half the maps are very poor in game design.

    UHC is running around with a ton of cheaters

    And also, people arent just gonna start quitting. Not only would it be hard to quit the game, but the sunk cost fallacy In which you dedicated 100s of hours into the game would contribute to the lack of quitting.
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