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  1. There are an absurd amount of bhoppers in uhc, I started sneaking around one guy till pvp since I was already with full iron and an iron sword and when pvp starts he just starts bhopping faster than the rate of light and kills me like wtf? And when I /wdr he didn't even get banned.
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  2. Harmarist

    Harmarist Well-Known Member

    Watch dog takes about an hour to ban them, just wait.
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  3. ImWolf85

    ImWolf85 Well-Known Member

    Grind those guild coins
    Watchdog doesn't ban them, don't wait.
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  4. thonk

    thonk Well-Known Member

    Watchdog learns by itself, staff do watch the people that don't get put into a ban wave.
    Usually the ban waves seem to happen at Noon, Midnight, 6AM,6PM (US Central Time)
  5. yes i agree don't wait just move on with ur life happy because you are not the sad soul who has to cheat in block games
  6. I have had 5 games in a row where I got till deathmatch with half or full diamond and get killed by a bhopper. I mean seriously? A killaura user and antikb I can do but bhopping so fast that I can't even hit them
  7. sure thing, handled. Locked as question has been answered.
  8. It's true that watchdog can't always ban hackers instantly, however with time watchdog will eventually catch up with them and they will be banned. Watchdog isn't perfect and the fact that clients are constantly changing to bypass watchdog doesn't exactly help either. Also just due to fact that not all hackers can be banned instantly on a player that 30,000k+ players on weekday peak hours, some hackers are bound to get into your games. There's just not too much that can be done about that. Believe me, I wish there was some magic button that we could push to fix this problem but unfortunately it just doesn't work like that.

    With that being said, please be sure to still use /wdr on all hackers you see. Using /wdr on players also alerts online mods, which can help in the process of them getting banned. Also, you can help the problem by reporting players at if you have evidence of it happening.

    I'm sorry that these hackers have ruined some of your games, but bear with us as we are working the best we can to fix this problem.

    I'm going to lock the thread now as I've answered your concerns, but feel free to pm me with any questions/concerns that you still may have, thanks :)
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